Unenroll from a Section as a student

Recently I joined a section my friend Impixel created to test out some teacher/student features. My primary account is a student account from when I used to take CS Discoveries+Principles. Over the years, I have amassed 100+ gamelab projects, many of which either are games I worked hard on or other private projects. Losing this account would be a devastating event for me, which leads me to the problem:

This security concern.
Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 9.14.33 PM
The manage students tab allows you to change the passwords of the students that are part of your section. I happened to be in Impixel’s section, which is a really bad thing because who knows what will happen when malicious intent arises. I cannot unenroll from the section unless he removes me from it himself.

He likely does not know about this feature, and it is a good thing that he does not know yet. I would get him to remove me from the section, however, the remove students button is RIGHT NEXT to the change password area.

I do have some issues about letting him find out about this and I can’t trust that he wouldn’t mess around. After all, the fate of my account is currently in his hands. If possible, I would like a way to either protect my account or leave the section.

Don’t worry I wouldn’t’ve done that even if I knew the feature

Hi @infinitestasis,

Scroll down on your home page and check if you see the “Leave section” buttons.

Good point about the possible security concern for those who may not have trustworthy section owners.

For individual issues, you can also contact support@code.org.


Hi @infinitestasis,

Actually the “Leave section” button might be only for teacher accounts. I’m curious if they show up for you. Thanks!


You’re right. I cannot see the leave section button from a student account.

I had a student in an old section from a teacher in another school. I emailed support@code.org and they helped.