Unit 1 Lesson 13-error with Developer Tool page

Can anyone help? I am trying to teach this lesson using the google browser. When I try to go to the Developer Tools I get an error of 404. It won’t take me to the page. I literally can’t teach the lesson because I just get an error when I try to find this page. Any help???

Hi @hvissia,

I’m guessing the page you’re trying to get to is the instructions for opening the developer tools?

I’m not sure why the page is not opening for you, but the actual developer tool is built into the browser and here’s one way you can access it:
Right-click somewhere on the page => Inspect => Select the “Network” tab

  • If it shows up too squished at the bottom of the screen, drag the top edge up to expand the tool.
  • If there’s a column you’re expecting but you don’t see (ex: “Method”), right-click the column header and in the popup menu that appears, make sure the desired column is selected.

Hope that helps!



Thank you. No where does it tell me to right click (in the lesson plans etc). That was all I needed (oh and the other instructions to hit “inspect” then “network”.)

I can’t thank you enough!