Unit 10 project Question

I know that the project is spread out in between a few lessons and I was wondering for anyone who is familiar with it already and the lessons if you think its possible to do the lessons and then all parts of the project at the end after doing lessons 3,4,6,7,9, and 10? Is there a particular reason why doing lessons first and then doing the project would be harmful to learning?

Hi @yanet.cabrera ,

I’m not familiar with the unit - I’ve only glanced over a few of the lessons. It appears the lessons jump in and out of roleplaying, weaving the “content” in throughout. This approach is somewhat justified in the unit description:

From what I see, it doesn’t seem like things “must” be interwoven - however I personally prefer that approach of learning some content and then given some space to contextualize it a bit and take a look at the broader picture (in this case, the project), and it also helps break up the project. I prefer this as opposed to front-loading a bunch of content and then a huge swath of time for project.

Is there a reason you want to put all the content first, followed by several days of project?

Just to cover the content before the AP exam coming up. We started a month late in my district so I basically lost a month of instructional time since the exam did not change dates but out start time did. Thanks for your input!

If you are short on time, you can do the lessons to prepare for the AP exam.