Unit 2 Chapter 2 Assessment - Equity

My first set of students just finished the Chapter 2 assessment covering data. I saw a huge divide in scores between my native English speakers and my non-native English speakers. I’m concerned about this divide, as I want to make sure that all my students are prepared for the final exam.

This assessment required students to problem solve, reading questions very carefully. I thought it was an excellent set of questions, and challenged my students (and me!). My non-native speakers struggled with what the questions were asking. They understood the content, but there was a disconnect in understanding the nuances of the questions.

Has anyone been keeping a vocabulary list handy for non-native speakers? At some point I should go through the practice exams from the CollegeBoard and note down any words or phrases that I think might trip students up.

There is a thread where teachers including myself have shared their vocab lists. Check it out.

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Perfect @bhatnagars - thanks for sharing!

Ok, I went through that thread and there are good resources there, but my students need even more. Students were asking today while taking the test what “scalability” was. There are words like that scattered throughout that most high school students know, but not all. Like I said before, I think I need to go through the practice exams and find upper-level words that recur that are not necessarily CS related, but just upper level vocabulary that all should know.

I agree with you. These lists are work in progress. Please share words or lists that you come up with so we can all add to our growing list!