Unit 2 HTML javascript tags

In Lesson 7 why does it keep adding in javascript codes when students insert new code? I know this is something simple, but where am I missing this? Thanks!

Hi @charissa.lannan,

I just looked at Unit 2 Lesson 7 and didn’t see what you’re talking about. Can you specify which bubble this is happening in – and maybe include a screenshot – so that one of us can further assist you?

Michael K.

Here’s a screenshot of Unit 2 Lesson 7 bubble 2…the program keeps putting in javascript tags and it’s confusing the students. I can’t tell what they are for. I know this was probably addressed in training somewhere along the lines, but I can’t remember and I must admit, it is confusing when you’re trying to teach the students and there’s extra code.

Thanks for any insight!

Charissa Lannan


This is something I’ve never seen happen, so not sure what would be causing it. You may want to e-mail support@code.org and see if they can look into your account(s). You can accomplish the same thing by having an affected student click on the ? icon and report a bug.

If it was me, I would try deleting the code and seeing if it affects anything, but that could be deleting some code that is normally hidden (for whatever reason) and could possibly " break the site" … although logically it shouldn’t.

If anyone else has seen this happen and figured out what is could be, it would be interesting to know what is causing this to happen.