Script tag- I am not adding it, but it adds itself and then notifies me that it is removing it!

Very frequently I get a notification that Code is going to remove the script tag. The thing is that I didn’t add it. It seems to add itself then notify me that it will remove it?! Is there a way I can stop it from adding itself? This happens multiple times per day, every day. Super annoying.

Also, does anyone know a site that I can use to code with scripts and iframes? suggests Glitch but it doesn’t seem to support a classroom setting and I already tried Coding Rooms but they didn’t support the code either.

Hi @tina.voci !

I’ll let other teachers on the forum recommend alternative coding sites, but I wanted to pop in really quick to address the script notification.

We hear about this issue every now and again and most of the time it ends up being related to school district website filtering software. If your school district has a company or program that helps filter website access for students and teachers, sometimes those programs will inject a tag onto websites as part of their service. And - sometimes that gets injected into Web Lab since the program recognizes it as a website. And then since we don’t allow script tags, we remove it automatically, even though to you it looks like nothing was happening.

If this is happening to the point of interrupting your work, I’d recommend two things:

  1. Email us at with a description and screenshots (or, ideally, a short video) of what’s happening
  2. Email your district IT department with the same info and see if they can help verify if this is because of a district security / web filtering program

Hope that helps!
Dan - Curriculum Writer

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@tina.voci ,

Have you looked at


Web Lab is automatically filtering out <script> and <embed> to “keep websites safe.” You can still use the onclick, onkeydown, etc. properties with individual elements.