Web Dev section issue

Working on webpages/sites in Web Dev section. Curious as to why it adds tag to HTML code when coding? Doing something wrong?

Hi Michael,

I just completed this unit with my students. I am not sure what you mean by “adds tag”. Can you share a project with us or share which tag it is adding and we can try and figure out the why behind what is happening.


By add tags I meant editing/adding HTML code to the page. The editor sometimes adds this script tag (screenshot attached):

Just curious as to why it generates this tag…thx.


Oh. A js script tag. I am pretty sure that is not supposed to be there. When I tried to add in a script on that particular exercise, I get a warning pop-up that the script tag is not allowed and will be removed. Can you let support know that is appearing on your page? I think it would be helpful for you to include this screenshot.