Unit 2: Lesson 13: Project - Personal Web Page: where to list outside sources?

One of the rubrics lists
All content from outside sources is cited with available information about the author, title, license, and source. Each page includes a license indicating how the content can be used.

Where are the students supposed to list the outside sources at? If in the website, in the html pages?
Or if it is in one of the documents that they have to fill up and submit as part of their document, which one.
This is the question that came up repeatedly from my students.

There’s lots of ways to cite sources.

For one, they could list sources at the bottom of the page, like in Wikipedia. They could also use comments to list sources in the code, but I would only recommend that option if you’re going to be looking at the code.

I usually have students focus on citing sources for their images by putting paragraph or small heading tags below the images in the HTML. Students sometimes will create sites with a lot of information and they choose to include. For these, I advise them to make another page in their site as a “works cited” page. Either works. I think the biggest thing is that they really don’t get much on this topic outside of citing images in the Unit 2 curriculum. It would depend on what instruction they’ve already received on citations in other curriculum as to how detailed you want to get.

Gracias for all the pointers shared here. I like the idea of creating a separate page just for listing the citations.