Unit 2 Lesson 20 error message: Project Size Limit Reached

I’ve had a few kids get a Project Size Limit Reached error message. They are still able to work on the html pages that they already had opened but are not allowed to add any more css to their page (the css page is already open). They cannot add any new photos.
They each have 6 pages in their website and one photo per page. I’m assuming that their photos are too high resolution. I’ve suggested that they resize the images and try reuploading.
Any other tips?
Today is an asynchronous day for us so I’m helping via email. I’ll have them via Zoom on Tuesday.
When I taught this lesson in 2019, this was not an issue and I had kids who had put in more than 6 images. Maybe the available space per kid has just been lowered?

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Hi @temahlow,

Hmmm…I’ve not heard of this error before. Do you have a SHARE link to one of their projects? Or, do they have a screenshot of the error message? That might help us spot anything more obvious. This might eventually be a question for support.


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Thanks for the fast response! I attached the screenshot. When I check their account it shows up on my end too. It happened to 3 students today.

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Did we find out any more info about this? I have my student’s add quite a bit of stuff to their sites. If this is going to be the new normal, then i need to have them make their large website project outside of Code.org on Google Drive since our student use Chromebooks and Notepad and downloading images isn’t an option.

Hey @temahlow and @chris.wilson - apologies for the delay in response. We definitely don’t want this to be the new normal, and we’ve been looking into this and hope to release an update within the next few weeks as we find an appropriate size limit to use instead. I’ll update this thread when we’ve released an update!

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I never heard back after the first response. Some got it and though some who did made sure that they only had six photos and they were lowest possible quality, they still got the message. They were able to work on their HTML/CSS that were already open in their project but could not make any more html or css pages and could not add any more photos.

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