App Lab design mode asset limits

Hi there,

My students are working on a final project and some are having an issue with assets.

Most of the students who are having issues are loading bigger jpg files for their screens. When they load too many, they can no longer access their assets. (Maybe 20 jpg files 100-300kB.) I told them to use lower resolution files and it seem to fix some of the issues, but not all.

I’m guessing there is a limit to what can be used. Do you have a number I could use as a target - 1MB? 2MB?

Is there a way for me to delete all the files in their assets to give them access back?

-Jill Seman

@jseman phew, this is a great question! I would contact for this one since it is more on the technical side. They are really good at getting back to teachers rather quickly and with very “student friendly” answers.

Hello @jseman,

Please take @kaitie_o_bryan’s advide and write in to with links to student projects. This behavior is unexpected, and we’d like to take a deeper look into what’s happening.

~ Hannah

Hi all,

Your tech department emailed me and found an issue in the asset manager. It was fixed over night - impressive!

Thanks for the quick response!

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@jseman I am glad it worked out and thanks for the update!