Unit 2 Lesson 9 (time for students to complete)

Just wondering how much time other people give their students once they get to the first Multi-page Website project?
My group this year is REALLY slow, do wondering how many days I need to plan on.

Hi @tcarr,

The official timeline in the curriculum guide is 4 weeks. I would say that is correct if you follow everything precisely. If your kids are at a slower pace than that, you can move some of the whole group activities in lessons 5 and 7 to another time and cover just the essential pieces. With some students, I will also tell them they do not need to do the activities in lesson 8. Lesson 8 has excellent activities in helping students practice spotting and fixing errors (debugging) but it can take kids a long time to finish. (Might even be a great activity for a day you have a substitute;).

Just some ideas. Hope they help!

Thanks. Lesson 8 is definitely slow for some students, I will probably try that!

I was really trying to find out how much time teachers were giving for the actual Lesson 9, finishing the multi-page website. Just to see how to plan.

I don’t think you need more than the one week allotted in the curriculum timeline. The activities ask them to add one additional page with pictures and link it to the other pages. It will depend on how many pages you will ask the students to add as well as if you are going to take some time for peer review. If they are running a little slower, you could modify total pages and the peer review activity.

Any other ideas from other teachers welcome!!