Once or twice a month class for CSD Unit 2

This year my schedule is not the best. I will teach 7th and 8th graders once or twice a month, for 50 minutes .
Can I complete Unit 2 in 17 classes? With no homework assigned between classes?

Hi @bmendez1,

If you look at the CSD Curriculum Guide on page 9, it has an overview and timeline on page 9. Based on this and having taught CSD with various schedules, I do think you could easily cover chapter 1. This means the students will be able to create a personal webpage. If you do some shortening and combining of lessons, you can add a few lessons so they can make a multipage personal website.

I have combined Intellectual Property with Images and Digital Footprint with Planning a Website. This allows me to move Linking Pages and Planning a Multi-Page website up so that students are able to create websites with more than one page.

I hope these ideas help.

Hi folks - just wanted to chime in that a better resource to look at is our Implementation Guide. It has each unit broken down by instructional minutes, so you can calculate super accurately how long a unit would take given your class time with students.

Dan - Code.org Curriculum Writer