CSD Semester Pacing Guides

What units would you teach if you had only 1 semester? Classes are 70 minutes and 2-3 times a week

Hi @10089702,

I great place to start is the CSD implementation guide. It breaks down each Unit and Chapter by instructional minutes.

I am familiar with only having one semester and this is how I teach CSD:

  • A lesson or two from Unit 1 to introduce problem solving.
  • I then teach Chapter 1 of Unit 2. I also combine Intellectual Property with Images and Digital Footprint with Planning a Website. This allows me to move Linking Pages and Planning a Multi-Page website up from Chapter 2 so that students are able to create websites with more than one page. I like Unit 2 because students feel very successful quickly and it allows for a great deal of creativity.
  • Then from Unit 3, we cover all of Chapter 1 which allows students to create a decent interactive card or simple game. If you have time, you can move on to Chapter 2 which allows them to add complexity to their games.

This is what I tend to do in a semester. I do know many who choose to do a lesson or two from Unit 1 and then all of Unit 3. Depends on exactly how much time you have and what you choose to do.

Hope this helps!

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