Unit 2 - Website Pair Programming?

For those that have had students complete websites in groups, how did it work with Pair Programming? Were students able to work on multiple devices or did they have to work on one account, on one device? I had students work together on the webpage project, and they could only use one device/account when they were pair programming. But since this project is a group project I wasn’t sure if Code.org planned for this issue or not. Thanks!

If you are working in unit 2, the lesson plans do describe how this works. Students will work on different pages and then there is a lesson when they link the pages together. Unit 2, Chapter 2 lessons do address it. In lesson 19 it explains how they combine their pages. Did this address your concern?

Unit 2 overview and lesson plans Web Development ('21-'22) - Code.org

Here is an article that describes pair programming and how it works.