Unit 3, Lesson 14: Interactive Card Help

My student cannot get the snowtime sprite to disappear (line 72) when the mouse is pressed. Everything else in the if statement works but the snotime will not disappear though it is set to false. If we just click the mouse first, instead of the press up arrow it does work. We can’t figure out how to get the program to do the trigger for the up arrow and then make snotime disappear…

I took a look at it and if I looked at things correctly, snotime is the scene with the house and the three happy snowmen and snotimebad is the scene with the collapsed snowmen. When I click, the snotime does disappear and snotimebad does show up. I am wondering if he may have done some work on it since you posted the request because it does seem to work. If I’m misunderstanding something, please let us know.


Thanks for the reply. If you press the up arrow first, the scene will drop, merry Christmas will appear, snow will appear and a sound will happen. Then when you click , everything goes away, but the little snowman with the red scarf is still there, he is just a tiny little guy behind the melted snowman. We are trying to figure out why he isn’t gone, though he is set to false.


That makes more sense. I hadn’t tried doing both. Look at line 61. It is the offending line of code because it takes the sprite snowtime, and tries to assign it to be an integer. As a result, it stops being a sprite and doesn’t listen to commands anymore. I think your student meant for line 61 to read snowtime.y=230; (rather than just snowtime = 230;)

If they fix that, it should work.