Unit 3 Lesson 2 Level 8 - Piano Graphic

Maybe I’m blind or in too much of a hurry, but I’m not seeing a resource for the piano keyboard. I’m wondering what the idea is. Do we want kids to “fake it” some how – leaving it to their own resources to figure out what to do? Or, should there be a resource available?

I’m inclined to make a screen capture of the keyboard and have them use that.


Yeah, that was confusing for my kids too. Many of them did what you are suggesting.

My assumption was they needed to search as part of the lesson. But have one ready in google Drive to share.

Thinking about it some more, I think I want to devote some time in the lesson to how you go about creating “comps” for a design and the use of placeholders and other strategies for problems like this – especially choosing when it is worth putting in time to find/create something and when it is better to use a “dummy” in the place of a missing element.

I think this could also be a good opportunity to teach kids to enquire about the goals of the lesson and what is being assessed.

Yep, plenty of comparable gifs out there.