Unit 4 lesson 12/13 home screen transfer and page links

I am having my students design in applab right now and they have made their home screens in lesson 12 circle 13. But then we they move to lesson 13 the program has them code more screens for the recycling app. How can they develop their own screens for their app - they are not doing this in teams, because they are high schoolers and they actually want to design the app…

They would need a url for their home screen design, which does not appear in lesson 12, bubble 13???

Hi Shannon,
Lesson 12 and the first part of lesson 13 are meant to teach the students how to use applab.
In lesson 13 the students will learn about adding and linking screens using the recycling app until bubbles 13 and 14. In bubble 13 they share their url with each other and in 14 they start adding events.

Hope this helps,


You can always visit the dashboard (code.org) or your students can and scroll down to the “projects” area to have unlimited access to App Lab (unlimited meaning access to all the blocks, not scaffolded like in the lessons).