Unit 4, Lesson 13 stage 13


My students submitted their home screen in lesson 12 but when they get to lesson 13 stage 13 to build their app, their home screen is not there. Is the only option to import the screen or is there a bug here?


Hey @hensleyn I think the confusion may be because in this level you’re starting a longer project but need to import the work you did in the previous lesson following the instructions given in this level. This applies even for your own screen, hence the instructions indicating how to go find it.

Let me know if that helps. I’ve also logged this level as a confusing one so that we can make some improvements on our next pass at this unit.




My students struggled on this as well, once two raised their hands about it, I stopped the class and re-read the directions. It’s tough because the students have their confidence and feel they can do it, but they need to be reminded to read the directions!