Unit 5 Day 9 - 11


So far I’m only willing to share artifacts that lead up to and include what I have completed for the ‘LA Bike Activity’ [such as they are] … I just provided the links below. If you have read the lesson you will know what they are and how they fit:

Some difficult issues I faced while doing ‘LA Bike Activity’ and everything that led up to it in the ‘Day 9 - 11’ lesson included…

  • Meeting specific expectations (LA Bike Activity) while being given freedom to pick analysis tools that may not have allowed adding ‘axes’ to maps (batchgeo & Google Maps), or making mapping charts that did not allow for backgrounds (Google Sheets). I was unable to find an un-time-consuming, un-clunky applications that allowed me to meet all of the expectations in a timely manner.

  • Regarding Modifications… Those will be made ‘on-the-fly’ as students discover the limitations of both the available technology and their/our inability to make the tech do what we need it to do based on the described expectations within each activity.

  • Additional Resources… We will attempt to do this lesson using Google Apps/Docs/Drives… and with [ http://dbsgeo.com/latlon/ ] , [ http://mondeca.com/index.php/en/?option=com_content&view=article&id=206&Itemid=752 ] & using Google Maps [within the confines of an account] to map locations and data.

  • Advice… do the lesson yourself before facilitating it with your students. Have artifacts of your work to use when the inevitable question of ‘How did you do that?’ come up

  • Advice… be ready to learn and document new apps and approaches as your students find better ways and tools to complete the activities.

-Resources Developed… I attached a .pdf variation on the ECS ver. 6.0 lesson plan for ‘Day 6-11’ that is more student friendly and self-guiding. Lesson_5_5.pdf (103.9 KB)

Well, that is about it for now. I’ll add more as I get other parts of this lesson a little more polished… Hope this helps someone. Please add comments and criticism where needed… Matt