Unit 6, Lesson 14 Assessment

Has anyone tried the assessment bubble for Unit 6, Lesson 14: Digital Snowglobe. My students and I have tried it, but we can’t get it to work. We referenced the Exemplar. What is the elt in lines 52 and 56 of the starter code? This seems to be causing the error. Thanks!

Hi @jennifer.hemry,

The elt in lines 52 and 56 is the parameter’s argument (or placeholder) referring to “element name”. In the instructions, it states to, " Create a function called moveSnow that uses two parameters for the element name and the amount to move". When you create the function (or if you are looking at the exemplar), the elt is the element name that will be sent in the function call. That is why in the exemplar the first function call has two arguments: moveSnow(“snow1”, 32); - where “snow1” is the element name.

Hope that helps!