Unit 9 Lesson 2 Concern

Hello! In addition to AP CSP, I also teach AP Stats (in fact, I’m a certified math teacher who is self-taught in programming)… this lesson shows a bar chart using numerical data… this is a MAJOR no-no in mathematics… bar charts are for categorical data and histograms are for quantitative (numerical) data… in fact, on the AP Stats exam students have to differentiate between graph types based on data type… so this was weird for some of my AP Stats students who are also in AP CSP…


Hi @dmaletta, thanks for sharing about this the connections with AP Stats. I wonder if this lesson could provide a good opportunity for you and your students to talk about how these different types of graphs are used and the advantages/disadvantages of those methods of representing data.

Would you be willing to share the standards and some example questions from AP Stats that have students do the type of differentiating you referred to? I’d love to make sure our materials are aligned as possible with what students see in that course. Thanks again for sharing!


I’ve copied the learning objectives I was referring to for AP Stats below as well as some sample questions… the key is that bar charts are for categorical labels and histograms are for quantitative…

Sample exam questions that show bar graphs and histograms are different:



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