Unit sequence / pacing suggestions for a Quarter-Block Schedule

Our school district has adopted a quarter-block schedule for this year and we are starting the school year 100% online. We have a 7 period day so I will see my even period students for one hour each day during Q1 and Q3, and I will see my odd period students for during Q2 and Q4. We have some random flex time and structures in the afternoon to make up the required instructional minutes, but ultimately I am seeing my students for 1/2 the time of a traditional school year.

My biggest concern is around prepping my “even” period classes that I will only see in Q2 and Q4 for the AP exam, since Q4 starts at the beginning of April. I am considering starting the year with Unit 3 and trying to complete 3-8 and Create PT in the first semester so that it is finished by the portfolio submission deadline, then trying to cover non-coding CS topics (1,2,9,10) in the second semester since we have at least a few more weeks before the MC exam in May.

If I do it this alternative sequence: would it be better to do this for all of my classes, or should I follow the regular structure for my Q1,Q3 class and just use the alternative structure for the Q2,Q3 cohort? Or should I stick to the regular sequence and somehow hope that my students learn enough programming to earn partial credit on the Create PT?

Greatly appreciate your feedback, thoughts, and suggestions!

Our district is doing something similar and we have expanded our classes to 90 minutes. I am considering starting with Unit 3 as well. We start on Sept 14. It will definitely be the biggest challenge to get fully ready for AP. The struggle, as pointed out in another thread, is skipping the intended design of students building confidence before jumping into programming, which can create a major uneven playing field for students with and without experience.

Curious on what you end up deciding to do. Regardless for me, I will still spend the first week doing some lessons that help build the classroom climate for in person and virtual lessons. This may mean doing some of the lessons from Unit 1 before making the jump, but that will require some decision making on my part.