Pacing Guide -- 4x4 Block

My school opted to move to a 4x4 block for this school year. Unfortunately for me, they put all AP classes in the 2nd semester which, for us, starts on January 25. Does anyone have a pacing guide that is suitable to a 4x4 block? Each class meets for 2:15 twice a week, then another 1:35 on Fridays twice a month.

I can attempt to go through and schedule everything out based on the guide here of 45 minutes/lesson, but I’m not sure if there are some liberties I can take in this format or if I can actually reduce/eliminate some lessons.


@wbumgardner There this a thread that has some advice on how to approach pacing in general here. The curriculum guide on page 31 presents some excellent advice on how group lessons and activities. The project lessons can be done asynchronously which will help with meeting your goals of covering the concepts. I do not recommend skipping any lessons. Doing so will not adequately prepare your students for the exam.