Viewing summary of survey data


Students took the survey in Unit 1 Lesson 8 and it tells them I will only be able to see the summary, however I cannot find a summary and can only view their individual responses.



Hey @kkersch do you mind writing in with that issue at Sounds like you’ve got a bug that we’ll want engineering eyes on and that’s the best way to get them!


Was there ever a fix for this? If there is not does anyone have tips on how to turn this data into a graph?


@ljohns this feature doesn’t exist. Right now you can download the data as a CSV but you’d need to do a bit of work yourself in order to make it into a graph. FYI this workflow is one that we’re looking into improving at some point since we know this kind of visualization is helpful. I believe the earlier bug report was eventually fixed, yes.


Has a new visualization or an improved CSV file been created? I am having trouble with pivoting the data so that I can translate it into graphs.