Website help - Downloading student data?


Is there a way to download student data on the lessons?



The only data that can be downloaded (currently) are text responses to CYU questions i.e. any question that students need to construct their response.

What type of data would be helpful for downloading? The goal is to provide features that are useful and your feedback is appreciated.

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I would love to be able to download an excel file of the students and what assignments they have completed. It would make it a lot easier grade on a due date schedule since we can’t
set due dates on, just lock assignments.


Hi @kathryn_cogdell - I can file a “suggestion/feedback” ticket so it is documented! I know there are several different features the engineering team is working on - hopefully an additional “vote” for this will move it up the priority list!


I would not mind being able to download assignments for grading, but what I would really like is the ability to add comments to the assignments. Currently I need to take the lesson materials and upload documents to a LMS like Google Classroom so that the students can receive feedback. I wish I could do this within and not have to use an additional LMS as adds a middleman and additionally takes forever grading student responses.



I am not sure of the timeline but some great upgrades to the assessments tab are in the pipeline. Hopefully, some of them will help streamline your process. One clarification – when you mention feedback, is this your written commentary or assigning points?

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Sorry for the late reply. Mainly written commentary. It would really help with sharing tips/help with all assignments and coding exercises.

Assigning points (graded work in a gradebook) would be great, too :slight_smile: as it would null out the need for a LMS.

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