Downloading Grades

I am not able to download the entire grade book. I used to do that last year from stats and pick a category. Now it is gone! I also wanted to just download student assessment total grade. When I download the CSV file, it shows the answer to all the questions but not the final grade.

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Have you ever been able to do that? I would like to know how to do this as well. Also, are there date/time stamps available anywhere for when students have answered questions after lessons?

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I would love to know how to see a grade as well

Thanks for the feedback! When we redesigned the assessments tab, we accidentally removed the ability to download the CSV for the overall grades for students. Because the page is completely new, there’s additional work needed to add it back in. We definitely plan on doing that as soon as we can, but we might not be able to get to it super soon given other priorities we need to get through.