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Hello! My name is Regina and I live in the Netherlands. I am, however, not Dutch but had in fact lived in the US for a long time before getting married and moving here. My background is in business but I haven’t done much with it since my daughter was born. She is the reason I want to get into teaching programming and CS, and while I have the advantage of time, I will do my learning before she does, and I trust we will both advance in leaps and bounds together-ish.


My name is Jessica Black. I am a second grade teacher. This is my eighteenth year of teaching. I like in Rochester, Michigan and teach in Port Huron, Michigan (100 mile round trip commute). I’m here because I am very curious about coding and really would love to add it in my classroom. I am a technology lover and runner in my free time.


I am a K-5 technology teacher in Noblesville, Indiana. This is my 7th year teaching technology. I am here because I love technology and am excited about teaching my students all about coding. The first year Hour of Code was offered I did it with my older students and they absolutely loved it! Now I do it with all grades. So fun to see how excited they get. I am new to coding so I am learning along with them and learn from them every day.


Hi my name is Louisa Belk and have lived and worked all my life in Wilmington, NC. I teach computer skills to K, 1st and 2nd graders once a week in the computer lab as well as support our K-8 school with all the technology needs. I have a BS in Computer Science but only was a programmer for 8 years after graduating college. Since that time, I stayed home for a few years with my young children, was a contract trainer for a few years, and then found myself teaching computer skills at a K-8 private school. I have never incorporated coding or programming terms or skills in my classes thinking they were too young to start. After visiting code.org, I am excited and convinced this is something they can do and be successful!! Can’t wait to get started!!


In sunny :sunny: Florida, the Community School of Naples offers two sections CSP using Code.org’s awesome curriculum. Our students are connecting with the content and having great fun with Code.org’s App Lab. For example, I assigned them to generate a simple 4-screen app, and many produced 10+screens “choose your own adventure” app instead. Others developed complicated games. I’m extremely pleased with Code.org. :+1:

My name is Sean Headrick, I teach both sections of CSP as well as 2 more sections of AP CS-A. But I desperately need another colleague to partner with!

We have the best students and they are wanting more computer science classes. [This is a good problem to have!]

Join me teaching programming! Check this out: Programming Teacher


Nina Harris from Prince George’s County, MD. I teach 5th grade Science, Social Studies, and Health. My principal asked me to run an after school STEAM club. I saw information about Code.org via a random email and thought that coding would be a nice entity for students grade 3 - 5.


Brianne Gartenman from Noblesville, IN. I teach Technology to grades K-5. I am completing this course to learn anything new about coding that I don’t already know. We had a code.org trainer come to our district, but I am wanting more.



I’m a middle school e-Learning and Information specialist at Fall Creek Valley Middle School in Indianapolis, IN. Our district is currently investigating a STEM for ALL initiative and I want to learn more about computer science and coding! I am also a mother of a 5th grader and twin 1st graders that love STEM! Hoping to get come good ideas to my daughter’s afterschool STEM club.


Hello World! :slight_smile:

My name is Audrey Langill and I am a middle school Computer teacher! I am looking forward to completing this course as Professional Development and learn new and exciting ways to teach coding in my classroom!


Hi. Sorry I haven’t been on here in awhile. I attended “Computer Science in Science” in Salt Lake City. It was cool. I believe the only exposure my students had, in school, prior to my class, was hour of code. So we don’t have a lot of general background on how computers work, etc. I’m hoping that next year we can start off with Computer Science Discoveries? I think “Computer Science in Science” was just a big leap for a 7th grade brain that hadn’t had much exposure to CS background or coding. What would you suggest for finishing out the year? I’ve looked up CSD Lessons and have used a few. I plan to continue with that. Right now we spend a fair amount of time in Code.org Accelerated Intro to CS. That seems to be a pretty good fit for now.


Hi Everyone! My name is Leah and I live in northern California in the town of Rocklin and teach fourth grade. My class is really excited to be learning how to code through code.org. I am also looking forward to learning with them!


Hi - my name is Jess Scaggs, Educational Technology Specialist at National Heritage Academies. I am taking this course to learn more about computer science, and this particular curriculum, in order to understand how to best use this resource in our schools.


Hi My name is Lalia Harris. I’m part of a homeschool co-op near Seattle. I’m leading a group of students through the Hour of Code website, helping them learn code.



That’s great! Welcome, the teacher as learner model is very powerful for everyone in the class.



Hi! My name is Jonna Lansangan and I am a Kindergarten teacher. I currently live and teach outside of Houston, Texas. I am super passionate about the implementation of S.T.E.A.M. in primary grades and have seen a huge improvement in problem solving and critical thinking skills since we have implemented a S.T.E.A.M. program in Kindergarten this school year. This year I wrote and won a grant to implement a STEAM curriculum at my school. Our students look forward to S.T.E.A.M. stations and I am always looking for new ways to integrate ideas in my classroom.


Hi my name is Lisa. I work in Wyoming. I am a District Technology Facilitator in charge of creating all K-5 technology curriculum. I am interested in being part of this community so that I can connect with other teachers to see what creative things they are doing in the classroom and how they are implementing coding in their schools. We are a Code.org affiliate school. I want to learn as much as I can about coding. I am thinking on getting my endorsement as a CS teacher, but math isn’t my friend. No ice cream here (lactose intolerant) but boy if I could eat it, my favorite flavor is Lavender or Green tea form Snowqualamie

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Hello! I’m Laura Grissom from Phoenix, AZ. I am an academic coach in a 4-8 middle school setting, and am here to learn all I can about coding, code.org, and how to educate our students in technology. I have teachers who are interested in bringing coding and computer science into their classrooms, and I would love to be able to assist them with their implementation. I have been an observer and volunteer in a few Hour of Code classes, and love the enthusiasm that kids bring to their work - I was blown away by watching kids who struggle with fractions, multiplication and division use those skills to successfully complete the challenges. Integration of the content areas is key, but I think we get so bogged down by other “stuff” in education that it’s hard to find the time to plan for it. I’m hoping that this (coding) can be a way to begin the process and open the conversation. I’ve also heard rumblings of a STEM campus opening in our district in the next few years, and would love to be a part of that - so the more education for me, the better!


Hi, my name is Kim Hooper and I live in Michigan. I am a K-8 technology teacher at South Pointe Scholars Academy. I am taking this course to learn more about coding and computer science so I can incorporate it in my technology lessons.


Hi, not sure I’m doing this right!

My name is Vicky and I live in and work in the beautiful Sultanate of Oman, in the second town, Salalah, based on the shores of the Indian Ocean, next to Yemen.

I run a training institute and am interested in starting coding programs here in Salalah, I think it will be very useful to the local population and the expat population for kids to start learning how to code asap. Having worked briefly as a school teacher, I was shocked at how little is done in this part of the world.

I am very excited about this program and found it through a friend who home schools her kids, I can see how this is going to add so much!


My name is Debbi Lawson and I live in the Washington DC metro area. My “day job” is as an IT Project Manager for the government. Three years ago when my church started a K-12 academy for our members, I was impressed to volunteer to teach the Computers and Information Technology course they wanted to offer. We have over 30 students this year, 25 of which I teach in two levels: 3rd - 6th grade and 7th - 12th. I have been developing my own lesson plans (I had taught adults before) that emphasized the typical skills needed in academia such as keyboarding (using TypingAgent), Microsoft products and Google apps, safe searching, plagiarism, etc. using a variety of online sources and TechnoKids as a base.

This year, some more technically advanced students enrolled and as I found the lessons were not challenging them, so I decided to research how to teach coding. I have been a computer programmer since 1982, and was delighted to learn about the code,org site and materials. I look forward to learning to teach these Computer Science lessons and incorporating them into our academy.