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Hello Everyone. Completing the scavenger hunt. I learned about this page, where to look for help, and to report bugs.


Greetings…My name is Wendy Mattson-Grosso. I live in Garden City South, NY and work at PS/IS270Q in Laurelton, Queens. For the past 13 years I’ve taught K at 270; I’m excited to be teaching K-2 CS at 270 this Fall. I’m interested in becoming part of this community in order to prepare myself for my new adventure! My coding experience began many years ago during my BBA course study as I learned FORTRAN and COBOL. I’ve experienced many tech upgrades along the way and I’m happy to be enjoying this forum on my iPad. My CS team and I just finished the live code.org Basics PD which was quite informative. My go-to ice cream flavor is vanilla!



My name is Lauren Schwerin and I teach Middle School Math in Paterson, New Jersey. I am very excited to be able to implement computer coding to my students.


Hello, everyone! Welcome to another fantastic year! I’m so excited to meet you all and want to thank each and every one of you for your dedication to help bring CS to your students with enthusiasm.

The one message that I want to impart before y’all begin is that it’s more important that students leave elementary school liking computer science and believing that they are capable of succeeding in it, than it is for them to master every single concept. If you have to sacrifice something, please sacrifice depth over enjoyment!

If you have any questions along your journey, please don’t hesitate to post in forum.code.org/c/csf :smiley:



Hey, Kimberly Terry here! I’ve been teaching in Takoma Park, Maryland, for the past 22 years: 20 years in elementary (17 as computer teacher) and the past 2 at Takoma Academy teaching computer and doing the school’s IT. This will be my first year teaching the AP Computer Science Principles course. I love computers, music, puzzles & games, sports, Italian & Mexican food, and mint chocolate chip ice cream!


My name is Jacqueline Leiker. I live in the Upper Peninsula of the great state of Michigan in a town called Norway and teach for Norway-Vulcan Area Schools. I teach mostly in Norway High School but also have one class in Vulcan Middle School and a special in Norway Elementary School. I teach coding at all three levels. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this community I am interested in in it because coding is a passion of mine, I teach it at all three levels as mentioned and I am now a code.org novice facilitator. I am a strong advocate for using social media in education and believe in #TeachNotBlock.

My Twitter handle is: @TeachNotBlock
My website is: jleiker.weebly.com
My LinkedIn is: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacqueline-leiker-7aba8551

I am CS minor who has been teaching in and out of the subject for many years. I have used Code Studio with students at every level and we always participate in the Hour of Code. My favorite ice cream flavor is The Tonight Dough from Ben & Jerry’s … it is a MUST TRY.

I’m excited to be a part of your community!


Hello all. My name is Anthony Jiles. I am originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. I have taught ESL in Taiwan for 12 years so far, and am currently teaching 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades at Xinjin Elementary School in the Xinying District of Tainan City, in southwest Taiwan.

I have been interested in integrating coding into my ESL classrooms. Once I came across code.org, I knew I had found what I needed. As this will be my first attempt at teaching such material, the idea of structuring curriculum on my own posed as a daunting task.

Beyond the importance of coding for children growing up now, I am hope to have my students become so immersed in problem solving and group work that the traditional feel of “English Class” can drop away, and foster in my students a desire to use the language…

I majored in Creative Writing and Chinese at Indiana University Bloomington. I love reading, writing, cooking, etc… Favorite ice cream flavor is pistachio.


Hello, My name is Penny Hanna. I teach at Custer Jr/Sr High School. My job is Transition Coordinator. This means I work with all students on an IEP to help them learn the skills and make a plan to move into the world college and/or career ready to the best of their abilities. My students will spend from 4-8 years of high school and post high school education with me. This is both a blessing and a curse! : )
I am interested in code.org to help my students learn 21st century skills. My greatest challenge as Transition Coordinator is to envision the education students need to prepare for jobs that don’t exist today. Code.org is a great way to learn to envision what those jobs might be in my student’s future.


Hi. My name is Marifi Doculan. I am a teacher at Saipan International School, Northern Mariana Islands. I teach high school science and coding for elective. I am interested in this community because i want to get ideas about how to effectively delivers CS in my elective class. Hope i can make connection with CS instructors around the world to learn more about this exciting course.


Hi All,
My name is Elizabeth Bagish and I am a K-8 technology facilitator in Millburn, NJ. I teach Lego Mindstorms Robotics in the MIddle School, and I am excited to start using code.org on the K-5 level. I can’t wait to dive in. Find me on twitter @ebagish.


Greetings to everyone!

My name is Nicholas Lake. I live in California, and was born and raised in the Los Angeles area (Pasadena), and now live in the San Francisco Bay area (Vallejo).

I work at a charter school in San Francisco, teaching high school, so I have students in all grades in my class. I am a special education paraprofessional, and work as a SpEd para for 6 periods a day, and teach a TEALS Introduction to Computer Science class during my remaining release period.

I have been made aware of the resources offered by Code.org by workshops about how to become a CS teacher I attended that were put on by the SFUSD. As I’m always looking for new curricular ideas to help my students expand their minds, and to make connections with my fellow colleagues, I am eager to join the community.

This is my fourth year teaching computer science. I also founded and ran the competitive robotics team (FIRST Robotics) at my school-site for its three years of existence, and when the principal offered me the teaching position for CS, I jumped at the chance. As my background and degree are in history, I enjoy bringing an historian’s perspective to the fast-paced changes that the world is undergoing. My first couple of years, I kept myself a few weeks ahead of the students, and have now gained a significant comfort level in STEM education; I was always a polymath and polyglot, but had not previously had the opportunity to learn computer science through any hands-on means.

I am eager to find a credential program that will let me earn my mathematics credential so that I can teach computer science full-time, and am excited for the opportunity to pick the brains of other, far more experienced computer science teachers here.

My favorite ice cream flavor is the (much maligned) vanilla. Its incredible flavor versatility is often overlooked. Yes, everyone’s had generic, boring vanillin-flavored soft-serve, but I hope everyone has also sampled the subtle flavor delight of a hand-churned French vanilla. Also, if anyone can point out to me any delicious vegan ice creams, I’m eager to try them (as a life-long vegetarian, I’m always looking to expand my repertoire).


Fellow vanilla-lovers, represent!



Hello all!
I am Tim Butler
I teach at Bruceville-Eddy High School (near Waco, Texas)
I am really excited to talk with you and see how different teachers ideas can improve and clarify Code.Org curriculum.

I’ll be seeing you around!



Welcome! Which curriculum are you using the in the High School? AP CSP? Or the new Computer Science Discoveries? Just want to be able to guide you to the right place!




Great to have you on here! Since Computer Science is still a state by state situation (as I guess most education based stuff is) I’d suggest seeking out Bryan Twarek who is out of SF and working in some capacity to get CS in all schools. His twitter is @btwarek and he can probably answer your questions about credentials. Besides that - let me know about the Vegan Ice Cream hunt because I to am on the hunt!



My name is Rachel McTier. I am teaching at Louisville Academy, a small town public school East of Augusta, Georgia. I am teaching all students ranging from Kindergarten up to 5th grade basic computer skills. I am excited this year to implement coding for our young students to prepare them for middle school.

I am interested in being a part of this community to learn how other teachers are incorporating coding in their classrooms and lessons. This is brand new to our county’s school system and I have been challenged in incorporating computer science across the curriculum. Learning the good, the bad, and the ugly from this community will help me learn the ins and outs of computer science.


Please use this thread to introduce yourself to the group. Tell us:

My name is Christian Emenike. I was born and raised up in Nigeria but currently teaching in Liberia @ Adventist University of West Africa. I am currently Lead Founder of EDGE-IT, a Development Hub using technology to build the next mind of innovative thinkers in Liberia. My passion for learning and teaching brought me to this platform. I really want to make a strong impact in a country coming out of War for 10-15years and also escaping the Ebola Outbreak.

You can reach me on

Its been a week now since my encounter with Code Studio and Code.org and so far its the best place to begin my adventure.

o! i forgot. Did I tell you that i love chocolate?


I’m Bobby Graham, I teach k-5 visual art, and this year I will be teaching technology in addition to art. I live in Delaware and teach in Newark.

I am very interested in being part of code.org because I believe that technology should be taught in elementary school and I have decided to bring it back to my school after it was lost. I want to use code.ord to help me implement the strongest program I can.

twitter account is @graham_202

and this is my awesome dog, Honey.


My name is Jessica, and I am a music teacher that has been assigned K-5 technology in Ohio. I am desperately looking for resources to help me survive this transition.

Cookies and Cream is always the best.


Hello Coders!

I am Raymond Mitchel Africa, a Science Educator and currently interested in teaching Design. I do not have an experience in programming, coding or computer science but I am really interested to learn. I am teaching Grades 6 -10 in an international school in Xiamen, China.

Here are my social network account if you wanted to connect:

Mitchellium blog

Looking forward to connecting with you guys here.