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Hi, I am a K-5 Science Coach at a new magnet school (opening in 2 weeks) that will focus on design and engineering. Looking to gain my own knowledge base on what coding is and how we can use it with our students. CODE Academy is in Lakeland, FL.


Hello my name is Rafael Alejandro, I live in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. Mexico, I have worked for 18 years in the area of information technologies, I am very interested in making computer science in my community, teach children and youth that wonderful world of technology, not only seen as users Of technology but as creators of it, who do not simply use a phone but program it. I hope I can contribute my little piece of sand to teach children, girls the passion for this science.


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Greetings my fellow coders,

My name is Michael I. Jacome and I am the founder and president of BRAINS NYC, a coding learning center located in the Bronx, NY. I used to be a public school science teacher like all of you and I thank you for helping people code. It is a pleasure to be part of it.

Please check our site:



Become a Brain, join our center as a client or as an employee: info@mybrainenrichment.com



Hello everyone,

My name is Olanrewaju from Lagos, Nigeria. I recently started to use the Code.org curriculum to teach an elementary school Computer Science principles. I am hoping to network and learn as much as I can from this forum.



Hi! My name is Shelly Buynak and I’m writing to you from Milford, CT. I am currently the library media specialist at Hill Central School (grades K-8) in New Haven. I have been there for five years. Previously I was a library media specialist for 12 years in Broward County, Florida. I am originally from Connecticut so I am excited about living back in my home state (way too hot in South Florida)!

I’ve been meaning to learn about, and eventually teach, coding, but never seemed to find the time - but hello summer! I’m ready.


Hi. I’m Cindy Fordham and I work in Raleigh, NC at Ravenscroft School. I am instructional technology for K-5, and I’m adding more CS to our curriculum. I’m very interested in knowing more about code.org resources and how to implement this, especially about a Family Code Night.


Hi everyone! My name is Kathy Massey and I am an elementary school librarian. I am eager to learn more about coding and look forward to learning from all of you.


My name is Jenn.

  • I work in Lancaster County.
  • I teach 8th grade science (Earth Science(
  • Coding has been gaining in popularity and I want to understand it.

Additionally, you can:

  • Twitter: TroutEMSSci
  • My students completed a project this past school year by using Scratch.
  • My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate.


Hi! I’m Lisa Orff and I am now serving in a new position for the Diocese of Scranton - Educational Technology Facilitator (fancy name for Tech Coach). Besides working with teachers to integrate technology at a higher level as well as more frequently, I will be introducing a Digital Citizenship program from Common Sense Education throughout our Kindergarten through 12th grade.

This summer, I held a week-long coding camp using Code.org and Ozobot robots. The camp was a huge success and the campers had a great time. Parents and family members came in on the last day to see what everyone had been up to at camp. The campers answered all of their grown-up’s questions with confidence.

My twitter handle is @lisaorff and I do a pretty good job of keeping up with tweets. Most of the people I follow are involved in technology education.

I love mint chocolate chip ice cream, and my 50th birthday was yesterday (Sunday).


My name is Stephanie Schaefer. I live in New York and I teach 7th Graders. I use Code.org in my classes. I am interested in finding out how I use coding in my class.


I am Sequoyah Maxwell from Prattville, AL. I am currently a homemaker teaching my second grader and her friend. I am interested in learning new techniques for myself and these two. I want their homeschool experience to be one they will never forget. Knowing how to code, can land you in one of the best profession created. I want them to learn at an early age, so when they are young adults they can make their own money through the technology world.


Hello Everyone. My name is Wallace Hall. I teach Web Design at Paulding County High School in Dallas Georgia. I am interested in learning how to incorporate computer science principals to my lessons to give my students a better grasp of how computers actually work.


Hello, my name is Sherri. I currently live in Roanoke, VA. I recently accepted a new position as an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher serving three different elementary schools (k-5) in my district. Previously, I taught digital and web design to high school juniors and seniors for 8 years. This community is of interest to me because coding is a concept that needs to be covered in the three elementary schools that I will be in this year.

You can reach out to me on twitter @slr40


Hi, Sue Edwards from Kettle Falls, WA. Just attended training in Phoenix for MS but have fifth graders, too. Wondering where to start … I will be combining CS and Art, 5-8.



My name is Kristen Fielding. I’m an assistant principal in Redwood City, CA. My site and district are putting tremendous effort into technology integration. Many teachers have voiced interest in teaching coding as well as incorporating it into units of study. I’m taking this Code.org’s online PD for coding to build a foundation for supporting teachers and colleagues in this endeavor.


Hi I’m Sarah Peters and I teach computers to K-6 students on Chromebooks and Samsung Tablets. I have been teaching Code.org courses 1-4 for the past school year. We were unable to complete the courses with computer lab only 40 min. per class, per week. I need to find a way to have the kids work independently between our formal lab times.
I will be trying courses A-F next year. Any advice would be helpful!
I like Mint Chip Ice Cream!
I can be reached @TechEdBryant on Twitter.


Hello my name is Hope. I am a high school intervention specialist with NO coding experience. I’m looking for fun and educational ways for my students to use their non-academic (aka. study hall without homework or studying that needs complete) time at school. My true hope is that along the way they will pick up some critical thinking skills, analytical skills, and learn that making mistakes is ok as long as you use them as a stepping stone for learning and improving. Along the way I’m sure I will need help, did I mention I have no coding experience, with problems my students encounter. Favorite ice cream flavor would have to be Caveman Chocolate.


Hello! My name is Janel Kisner. I teach at the Ohio School for the Deaf in Columbus, Ohio. This will be my first year teaching coding, using the Code.org curriculum, courses 1-4. I teach high school, but I don’t know if I will also be teaching elementary or middle school specials classes. Previously, I taught classes online at the same school, but a different subject.

My only experience with code was a computer science class I took in high school 25 ago when I had to stop and ask my teacher for help every 2.5 minutes.

My work over the past several years has been tech heavy, so when I learned about this program, it was easy for me to pick it up. I convinced my school to let me teach it, and here I am. I am interested in this group to share resources, as well as to possibly connect, and for support. There may be some ideas I am not familiar with and cannot figure out.

Social Media: I closed my LinkedIn. I rarely post to Twitter, and if you like Halloween, cemeteries, dogs, coffee, indie perfume and small companies, or general weird, geeky, spooky stuff, you can find me on Instagram. Both are under “janelesque”.

Attached is my favorite coffee mug. I like mint chocolate chip ice cream!



My name is Susan Adams. I teach k-5 computer skills at a small county school in Eastern Tennessee.
I know coding is up and coming and I like starting them young. I use code.org not only to teach coding, but to introduce them to problem solving techniques, persistence, and editing. I want to be a part of this community because I am interested in learning how to better incorporate it into the lab where I also need to teach keyboarding skills. I have used hour of code every year since its introduction. The youngest students enjoy the “game” style activities. Upper grades enjoy code.org, hour of code, and lighbot sites. (anything chocolate) adamss@loudoncounty.org


Ross Feitlinger from Western, MA. I teach 6-9th grade science. MY CS class will be a 7th grade class.