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Hi Michelle I am “old school” as well and teach the Microsoft Suite. I have found it extremely easy to integrate Powerpoint and Website Design. They are both expressive and the student can simply move their Powerpoints into the web format. I am working with CS Discoveries this year. Unit 2 is all about Web Design. Diane Neville


My name is Manal and I live in Milwaukee, WI. I will be starting the computer science program at the Mequon Middle school. I have previously taught computer science in a 7-12 grade level, but am looking for support as there are very few computer science teachers in my area.


Hello! My name is Kelly Hebert. I have previously taught self-contained kindergarten, first, and second grades. Next year I will begin a new adventure! I will be teaching computer to 1st - 4th and STEM to PreK3 - 4th. I am very excited about learning and then teaching coding skills to my students. I teach at Kehoe-France school in the New Orleans area.


My name is Sarah. I am the teacher librarian at Ellenville elementary school in Ellenville NY. I teach K-5. I introduced my students to code.org and the coding hour last year and would like to learn more so I can incorporate more into the library curriculum. Technology and libraries are such an important resource for students and my plan is to keep it as real and relevant as I can.


Thank you. It was hard enough going from Junior High three years ago, to Middle School. Trying to teach a 9th grade curriculum to 6,7,and 8th grade students.
I have started looking over the website and have almost completed the 1st level. It is great to know it is Nothing like it was in 1981. :joy:
Back then my teacher was also my softball coach. She did not like the idea that I wanted to toss the monitor out the 2nd story window because the program would not work. ---- That also was when I was living in Miami and going to school in South Miami, Florida. :sunglasses:


LOL - I know the transition to middle school had to be a rough one. I am not particularly fond of sixth graders and am hoping my addition of coding will ensure more 8th grade honors students, but we will see.
My first coding experiences were back in the early nineties, FORTRAN coding and it was tedious. The programs just never seemed to work as I wanted them to. Then later with the advent of the internet I dabbled in HTML for awhile, but didn’t really have a need for a personal web site. Now with so many user friendly web site development programs it seems like it will be a stretch to get the students to write in code.
I am hoping if I combine it with PowerPoint studies it will be an easy copy and paste maneuver so that we can move on to creating game simulations in Unit 3. Keeping my fingers crossed.
I don’t know how it goes in your classroom, but once my students start on the internet it is difficult to keep them on task. Most are “surf aholics”
Thank-you for responding - hope we can keep in touch


Hi! My name is Rixt Clifford and I teach 2nd grade at Aspen Elementary School. I’ve been teaching for 20 years and last year I was introduced to Code.org by our tech integrator. Students in my class love to log on to code.org and I thought I should know a little about what it is they are doing! Our G/T specialist pushed in to each 2nd grade classroom last year and worked with students on the unplugged activities.


Hi, my name is Robert Prentice. I was a computer programmer/analyst for 31 years, and I have been teaching high school Math for the last five years. I just completed a four-day PD to familiarize myself with the Computer Science Principles class. I am looking forward to using the curriculum guidelines from CODE.org.


My name is Mary Ann Korson and I teach at a small Catholic School in northern Michigan. I teach computer/business skills to grades 3-12. I’ve participated in the Hour of Code Program in prior years and the kids really enjoyed it, so I’m hoping to expand my curriculum this year by offering more coding activities/projects.


Hi there! I am Kelli Mocny of Oceanside, CA. I am the School Based Resource and STEM teacher at my school. I have implemented and help get Hour of Code going at our school for 2 years. I have entered 11 teams into the Wonder Workshop Coding Competition with DASH and DOT robots. I love inspiring students and learning as I go. I tend to jump into something and figure it out as I make mistakes. No funny memes tonight, but myfavorite ice cream is peanut butter chocolate from Baskin Robbins.


Summer Self
8th Grade
North Carolina
I’m interested in learning more about coding so I can help my students be successful.


Hi! Glad to be a part of this community. My name is Amy Musone. I live and work in York, PA. I work with primary learners and educators in my school district and am excited to participate in this community. A few years ago, I attended a day long code.org workshop which was AMAZING! That, however, was a few years ago and I felt like I needed a refresher, which brings me to the online learning module.

Since that initial introduction to code.org, my passion for giving children opportunities to flex their computational thinking muscles has grown. As far as code.org…have used unplugged activities extensively as well as Code Studio. One of the things I value most is the amount of resources (and connection to standards) that have evolved over the last few years. Looking forward to see what’s on the horizon!

Hmmm…favorite ice cream. I cannot remember the name of it. Had it when I visited NYC. It was some sort of nut flavor with chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Might not sound super yummy, but it was to die for!


Hello! My name is Christine. I live/work in Pennsylvania at a charter school. I currently teach third grade but have an interview for a tech teaching position, which is one of the reasons why I am interested in being apart of this community. In addition, I being integrating technology into the classroom will only aid my students in their future endeavors. My classroom website is www.missperrino.weebly.com. I have no experience with coding lastly, my favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate.


My name is Megan Watkins and I work in Arvada and Littleton, Colorado teaching 2-3 Graders and
4-5 Graders in Computers and Robotics.

Code.org was recommended to me by several sources and I would like to see how I can integrate it into my Lego Mindstorms and Wedo curriculum.

I am excited to learn more and am impressed by what I have seen thus far!


Hello! I’m so excited to begin learning how to teach code! My name is Sarah, I live in Columbia MO but teach in a small town 30 minutes north like really small, I had 11 students last year :grin: I teach 3rd grade currently and love it!

I enjoy anything outdoorsy: climbing, hiking, fishing, swimming, biking, camping, all of it! :evergreen_tree:

And I love cake batter ice cream! :icecream::heart_eyes:

Come follow me :arrow_down:



Hi all, I am happy to have discovered code.org. My name is Sue Bouchard, and I teach kindergarten in Haverhill, Massachusetts, which is about an hours drive northwest of Boston. Currently, my technology comfort level is higher than my skill level. I am hoping to learn more so that I can encourage critical thinking skills and inspire students towards STEM possibilities. I am a huge advocate for collaboration and believe the forum may contain a vast amount of technological wisdom. Twitter: https://twitter.com/sdbouchard
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sue-bouchard-13390692/


Hello, World! Looking forward to teaching Code.org Discoveries (Disco) next month!


My name is Chitra Manjunath.
I teach Computer Science in Sri Kumaran Public School,BAnglaore ,INDIA.
I want to update myself with the latest things happening in the Computer Science TEaching for the children.
I teach Class 4 to 8 kids.


My name s Tammy. I am a 22 year veteran in education trying to gain knowledge to aide my students in the fast moving technological world we are in today. I am located in Alabama.


Hi, my name is Deanne Baldwin and I am a gifted teacher on assignment in Phoenix AZ. I will be teaching the gifted and talented in grades K-8. I did some basic coding with my first graders 2 years ago and I am very interested in becoming a little more computer savvy! I plan on using the code courses during my pull-out sessions this year!