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Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am currently a teacher for Frankston High School in Frankston, Texas. I just completed my 12th year of teaching where I have taught from 6th grade to Algebra 2. This past year I taught both Algebra 1 and 2. I am brand new to Code.org and always looking for new tools to bring into my classroom.


My name is Sherri Spark. I live in Surprise, AZ and am currently a log term substitute at Luke Elementary while I am pursuing my teaching certification at Grand Canyon University. Last year I taught kindergarten and this year I will be teaching 3rd grade.
I have an associate degree in graphic design so I have always had an eye for computer science. I feel that as a part of Code.org community I will learn further into computer science and be able to teach my students the benefits of coding in hopes that they will further their education and go as far as they possibly can in life.
I am hoping to learn from you all and share ideas or get answers to questions either myself or my student may have.
My favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip.


Hi. My name is Leti and I am a 7th grade science teacher.



My name is Shelly Cherry. I am a Technology Integration Specialist and Library Media Specialist at Independence Charter Middle School, a public charter school in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

I teach sixth through eighth grade. This next year, our incoming sixth graders represent thirty-six different elementary schools.

I am a CS Fundamentals Facilitators, been using the program in my technology classes for three years. I am also a Teacher Leader in the Teacher Practice Network (TPN), a cohort group between Arkansas and Oklahoma.

I would like to be part of this community so I can continue advancing my own learning and share ideas, resources and learn from other affiliates.

I love spending time with my three daughters and my soon-to-be first grandchild, a little girl due July , 2017. I love tracing family histories and visiting genealogy. I also love ghost hunting.

Twitter: @skcteacher
Instagram: @skcteacher


Hi everyone! Happy summer!
My name is Dee and I’m a 4th grade teacher at Veterans ES in Ellicott City, MD. I’ve always been interested in learning more about coding since my students enjoy it so much and blow me away with their skills! I need to up my coding game to keep up with them and to also incorporate more CS in my own classroom! I just took Code Studio’s intro workshop yesterday and I’m excited to keep my momentum going! :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Davide, I live in Italy and I work as radio engineer in a telecommunication company. I am not a teacher even if I’d like to. My daughter will start elementary school in September and I decided to sign up in code.org because I’d like to gain knowledge on how to teach computer science (and how to program especially) effectively to children, either to teach to my daughter in the right way or to propose, maybe in the future, some activities to schools that didn’t have the chance to introduce programming till now.
Hope I will learn a lot of interesting things from all of you.
Thank you!


Hello… I am Jean. I teach 2nd grade in Miami, FL. I am new to code.org and had no clue what hour of code was when I read it on an email from our school district. I am excited and want to learn more about coding so I can introduce it into our school and teach my students this year!


Hi everyone,

I have used Hour of Code a few times with my students in Destination Imagination, fourth grade in Mississippi and fourth grade in Ecuador.

Currently, I am a fourth grade educator in Guayaquil, Ecuador and am a big fan of the creativity that coding encourages. Students love coding. It transcends gender, culture, etc.

Here is to better opportunities for our students and for ourselves.


Hello! I am a fifth grade teacher and live in Auburn, Wa. I am really excited about coding.


I am a professor in the early childhood education program. I plan to use this course to support students who will become ECE work in supporting young children with coding


Hi my name is Kathy Gomez I’m from Guatemala City. I work as a Robotics Teacher from fourth to seventh grade in a school for girls.
This is my second year working with code.org and some of my girls discovers some hide abilities. For me has been a challenge cause I actually studied Graphic Design, but it super cool how I integrate my knowledge and the creativity to solve and create projects with my students.
I decide to take this course to increase my ideas and ways to work with my girls. I expect to meet some other person and share ideas and maybe work with our students in projects no matter how far we are.

Twitter - @misskgomezgt
Instagram @misskgomez


Hi everyone, my name is Tracey. I’m from England but live and work in Mexico. I am head of department at Green Oaks School and next school year we will be implementing coding in our curriculum. I have a lot to learn so I am happy to be able to be a part of this community. :blush:


hOLA mUNDO! je, como estan? me llamo Alexis y soy argentino! vivo en este momento en la provincia de Neuquen, en la localidad de Chos Malal y estoy entre algunas cosas como profesor de informática en un colegio secundario. Estoy super interesado e intrigado en este mundo de la programación asi que ha darle para adelante!


Tena koutou katoa, nga mihi nui kia koutou!
Greetings from New Zealand. I am a team leader and teacher of Year 5 (Grade 4) learners. I am so lucky to be working in an Innovative Learning Environment created at the end of last year. Digital literacy is essential to support our programs and coding is an amazing adventure for all our students -even our priority learners are engaged in discovering the power of coding.
In my spare time I breed Burmese cats and love armchair sport -Lydia Ko and LPGA, All Blacks rugby and growing hydroponic strawberries.

Kia ora
Jan Pickett


My name is Dolores de Goytisolo. I am writing from Lima, Peru. I am a retired banker and have been serving as Board Chair at my children’s school for the last 7 years and recently teaching at a local University. I am passionate about introducing code to younger students and am looking at ways to do so in the greater Lima area. I am looking forward to learning how to support students in learning code.

You can get in touch with me via:

Twitter @DGoytisolo

My favorite ice cream is mint chip!!


Hello all, I am Harriet Hasselbach-Foster. I am a Career Technical Teacher for the past 17 years have taught Business. This year I am teaching Coding. I will be split between two middle schools: in the Fall my home school~ East McDowell Middle and in the Spring ~ West McDowell. This is located in the Mountains of North Carolina. I personally have not been involved with Coding/programming since I was in high school…well over 20 years ago. :joy:

What part of North Carolina? I am excited about the new challenge. Looking over the website, it is amazing how far Computer Science has come since the simplicity of DOS. Being a part of a community opens so many more doors then when one works on their own. TEAM Work is the Key to Success.

I am on: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and you can always check out my school website: www.emms.mcdowell.k12.nc.us

My Place of Peace. (((Can take the girl our of Florida but can not take Florida out of the Girl))) MIAMI


Western North Carolina Mountains
-McDowell County Schools
As stated above:
~ East McDowell Middle and
West McDowell Middle
-Career Technical Educational Teacher - taught Business for 17 years
this will be the 1st year teaching Coding


I am an elementary music teacher who loves coding! I got my feet wet using Python, PHP, and a few other languages. I created a few free resources on TpT using JavaScript. I am trying to make a pitch for coding in my school district.

I am South African and speak Afrikaans.


Hello Harriet - I have also taught Technology Education for the past 20 or so years at the Middle School level in South Florida. I had also not seen or thought about coding for many years and quite frankly was a little concerned about teaching it. I just jumped into the 20 hour accelerated course and had a great time with the many puzzles and challenges. I can see offering this as an after school club. Then I dug into my curriculum which is CS Discoveries and found it to be well laid out and very easy to understand. I am excited about starting out on this new venture. Diane Neville - Gulfstream Academy, Hollywood, florida


Davide - Do you have access to the on-line curriculum. It is very easy to understand. You and your daughter could make a game of it and learn programming while having fun. Just jump right in and try it out!