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Hi Everyone.
I am Becky Lapinson. I am a Stem teacher in New Jersey and I recently began teaching coding to my elementary and middle school students. I am looking forward to completing this course and learning more about programming. Have a great day!


Good morning! My name is Christine from Surrey, Canada. I’m very excited to have found this online course, as I have been hearing about coding for many years but have felt a bit intimidated to learn it…not even knowing how to get started. Looking forward to continue my learning and am excited to be able to continue providing opportunities for students of all ages!


My name is Patty Blair. I teach in Slidell,LA and live in nearby Lacombe, LA. I teach 4th grade math, science, and social studies in the elementary wing of a junior high. I want to implement coding as part of a curriculum that engages students across curriculum and provides career skill awareness for students. I feel that since 4th grade is the entry level grade at our school, this is a reasonable point at which to provide ongoing computer science instruction and promote continued sequential instruction through our students 5 years with us. Adding coding instruction ties to STEM a missing piece deeper technology understanding and application for my 4th graders.


My name is Emmanuel from Ghana.
Currently planning on reaching to over 100 school children in 4 schools in the Upper West region of Ghana to introduce the chidren to Computer programming.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gobelogist

Twiiter: https://twitter.com/opareemmanuel20


I’m Patty Blair and I teach 4th grade math, science, and social studies in a school in Slidell, Louisiana that is 4th - 8th. I previously taugh 3rd grade in New Orleans for a total of 28 years of teaching. I feel coding is a way to open the 21st century essential thinking and career skills to my students. Currently my school system does not provide computer science training for the elementary students. I hope to share this possibility with others in my system.


Hello from Idaho, neighbor to Washington, Oregon, Wyoming and Utah, in the Northwest, we are not in Iowa! I am an elementary teacher in a rural county in the Snake River Plain; teaching a mixed class of 4th and 5th grade. I have been teaching 3 years, this is my “encore” career. I attended a STEM Conference two years ago and became aware that there is a shortage of professionals that understand coding in Idaho. Although my students aspire to ranching and farming for the most par,t and they cannot conceive how technology will change their family traditions, I am old enough to realize the changes the work force has made with the introduction of technology. I believe coding is the common language of the flexible professional…no matter the profession. I used coding occasionally in my classroom, but we are not yet 1:1 with devices, so it was difficult given the demands for core instruction that is the reality. I am not a digital native, but I do love learning to live in another country. Idaho has a tradition of independence and self-reliance and those of us who have grown up here know that we are a strong people…I am hoping this nature of character will serve me well throughout the course.


Hiya, I’m a mom who wants to learn this so I can teach my boys over the summer. I’m from Texas but now live in Ireland. I love teaching; however I did not approach education as my career goal when I was in college, and I have been dealing with that mistake ever since.

Now I take a large part in my children’s education by writing stories that involve problem solving, science, literacy, and excitement!

I have no idea how to code, but I need to find out as there are no local resources in rural Ireland that I can afford to send my kids to. Coding and computer science will help them in the future, and that is what is most important to me.

I hope to meet some of you on here and develop relationships to come up with ideas to help each other teach.

I’d like to thank this website and the people who founded it. This appears to be a wonder resource.

You can find me on twitter @texaneire



My name is Julie, and I currently am a grade 1 teacher in Ontario, Canada.
I’m interested in learning more about coding and how to start teaching coding to my students.


Hello, my name is Fred Stovall III and I teach middle school for DISD and live in Irving, TX.


Hello all,
Kirk, I live in Mayland I am teaching Computer Science Principles in the fall to, 9 thur12 grade to a private school where I teach Digital Photography, Robotics, and Webdesign. I have been asked this year to build an AP Computer Science curriculum for our fall 2017-2018 school year. I have worked professionally as a web developer using HTML and CSS and JavaScript.

I have done hours of code workshops online and several technology seminars. I am a little intimidated to be taking on this challenge into unfamiliar grounds of technology.

My goal in joining this community is to share my passion for technology with teachers who have a passion for helping kids learn to use technology to build their skill and career opportunities. I would love to hear from all what has gone well and what has not.


Hello from Lincoln, NE, USA.

I am currently a doctoral candidate at UNL and teach the undergrad instructional technology course. I’m exploring the code.org site to design a professional development program for the local K-12 teachers to implement and teach computer science courses in their schools.

I am relatively new to Code Studio, but have completed the fundamentals (Courses 1 through 4). I am liking it a lot. My specialty is teacher development in the field of instructional technology and am trying to extend it to helping teachers teach computer science in K-12.

Using my calligraphy and crafting skills, I created this necklace for myself. I wear this when I teach to remind me that I am there to guide my students. The character on the rock is 導 which means to guide.

My favorite ice cream flavor is “Scarlet and Cream” that’s the original flavor at the UNL Dairy Store.


My name is Cynthia Whitney. I am about to enter my 10th year of teaching. I have taught 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 8th grades. I spent 4 years in elementary school teaching all subjects and recently completed my 5th year in middle school teaching science. I have sponsored an all girls coding club (with code.org materials) this past year in my room, and it was amazing seeing how much the students were engaged. I had some students that wanted to keep coding after the club ended for the day! I am leaving middle school and am going to be a 3rd grade math/science teacher next year and really want to incorporate coding into my lessons. I am hoping that this course will help me learn how to do that effectively.



Hi! I hope I am doing this correctly.
My name is Tracy Bronner
I work at CNE and live in Goshen
I currently teach first grade, but applying for a technology teaching position K-5.
I would like to get more ideas if I am teaching technology and I want to learn about coding to help my students have a successful future.
My favorite ice cream is cookie dough.


Hi My name is Emily Moore.

I work at Madison STEAM Academy in South Bend, IN.
I currently teacher 2nd grade ELL.
I decided to join code.org to learn more about technology and how to teach it to students. My school recently went one to one technology. In addition, my team and I are planning a whole unit around coding to help build the technology curriculum for our grade. I would love to hear more about how teachers have been successful with coding in their classroom.

My favorite ice cream is cookie dough.


Hi, my name is Chris Lindberg
I work for the Temecula Valley Unified School District, but my school is located in Winchester, CA. I live in Murrieta. I teach 4th grade. I’m curious about coding and want to learn how to incorporate it into instruction next year. I know this is the best place to to find out more!


I like cheesecake flavored ice cream mixed with blackberries.


Hi My name is Cari Copeland
I live in Gilbert Arizona and work in Scottsdale Arizona.
I have degrees in Computer Science and Physics and am an industry partner.
I have taught the hour of code in numerous forums since 2011, including bringing it to different employers and community groups by teaching other industry professionals to lead an hour of code for their own organizations and groups of young engineers.
I am embarking on leading a 5 week (1 hr/week) extended “hour of code” lesson session for 4th/5th graders at our local Boys & Girls club and will be using the studio.code platform.
I am passionate about expanding computer science and other STEAM fields to a wide variety of young people and enjoy partnering with educators in my area to further this cause.


Hi, my name is Beth. I live in Auburn, WA and teach Kindergarten. I am interested in integrating computer science in an early learning environment.


My name is Kelley Savage. I live and work in a small, rural school in Baltimore, Ohio. I am an instructional technology coach for grades K-12 at Liberty Union-Thurston Local School District. I want to learn more about how I can integrate code.org into my K-12 curriculum.


Hello Everyone,

My name is Hazel Batts. Taught at the University level most of my career teaching Mathematics and Computer Science. Also worked with teachers helping to integrate and use technology in the classroom. I am from the Raleigh North Carolina area.

I am currently teaching HS Math in the Edgecombe County Public School System in Eastern North Carolina and would like to work with students with CODING and STEAMS. I would love to implement “coding” into my lessons and think this community can provide me the opportunity to learn and share ideas.

I am on LinkedIn