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Hello My name is Enrique Castro. I am 5th grade math teacher teaching in Donna ISD in the Rio Grande
Valley, South Texas. I am excited to learn as much as possible about coding!!!


My name is Ann Edington. I have been teaching elements of Code.org for the past 4 years with 4th and 5th grade students. I began slowly with the Hour of Code programs and the initial unplugged activities. I later graduated to Courses 2 and 3 doing one with the fourth and the other with the fifth. I was also able to use the 1st course with some of my special kids. I was combning these activities with Keyboarding and Google Apps. We are a Google School and my kids must be able to use Google Drive, Classroom Classroom, Docs, Drawing,etc.All of this in a nine weeks period of 35 minutes a day! Next year(2017-2018) I will try to use the new course for 5th Grade and continue the current Course 2 for 4th Grade.
I love the outdoors, walking, swimming, and teaching. My favorite color is bright blue,


Hi! My name is Kyle and I teach 7th grade Science in southwest Missouri. I wanted to join this group in order to help me to continue to learn and grow in all things code.




Welcome to the community!


Hi!! My name is Tracy and I’m an elementary science coach in St. Petersburg, Florida. I do not have any experience w/ coding so I’m excited to dive in and learn! I’m hoping to get coding started in the schools and teachers I support!!

Looking forward to learning with you all!




Welcome! There are a few resources you might want to check out - CS Fundamentals which is for Elementary School and Project GUTS for Middle School (which might be too advanced and also will not be supported by Code.org starting 2017-18).



Thanks for sharing Brad!! I will definitely check these out!


Hello -
I teach Computer Science to Middle School students in Montgomery County MD. I am interested in being part of this community because I feel that we as educators need to provide quality education to our students in the area of Computer Science so they are prepared for the skills they will need to be successful in the future.

I have used Code.org courses with my students in the past. Additionally I have taught Computer Science concepts using Scratch, Phython, and Gamemaker.

My favorite ice cream flavor in Chocolate Chip


Hi everyone,

I am excited to start this course in coding. I am a primary school teacher from Ireland but working in an international school in the Sultanate of Oman in the Middle East. I have been teaching my kids Scratch Jr and they absolutely love it. So I want to make sure I am able to explain the basics of coding to them before moving on to the Scratch coding programe.

Looking forward to gaining tips and advice about how to implement coding into the primary classroom.

Sinead Grade 3



I’m Jacie … a Tech Integration Coach in Sparta, Wisconsin. I teach 4-8th grade under T&E and B&I curriculum. I’m thrilled to bring this curriculum to the 6th grade class of our very diverse, rural students for the 2017-2018 school year. We are a 1:1 school - the kids are moving from iPads to Chromebooks between 5th & 6th grade.


Hello All

Im Ashley from Atlanta. I am a Technology Specialist at a Charter School here in Atlanta. I will be teaching next year K-8th. The kids bring their own technology everyday for class.


My name is Jenny Raetz, I live in Millstadt and work in Belleville, Illinois at Notre Dame Academy. I teach 3rd grade homeroom and Kindergarten through 4th grade Technology. I am interested in being part of this community because I really enjoy teaching coding and want to learn more.

This is my second year teaching Technology and my second year using code.org, I have used it more this year. My favorite ice cream is vanilla!


My name is Sarah. I work at a school for students with emotional and behavioral challenges. Some of our students live on campus in dorms, and some are bussed in daily from their home school districts. I am currently working as a support system for K-12 grades. I am working on revamping our technology access and usage in the hopes of making it more meaningful and useful for students and staff. Right now, most of our technology has been so neglected, it functions as over glorified paper weights. I am hoping to get more students using technology for useful applications and seeing how skills in technology are one of their best resources to develop.

My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate peanut butter with chunks of peanut butter.

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Hi there. I am Kristin Vaughn. I am formerly a high school math teacher and now a instructional technology resource teacher (ITRT). As an ITRT I work with all grade levels and multiple schools in a public school system.
I live and work in Luray Virginia (come see the Luray Caverns if you get a chance).
I am participating in the code.org self paced course to learn how to help teachers implement coding into their classrooms. I am also wexcited to learn more myself.
I look forward to learning together.


My name is Becky School, and I am a new School Counselor in Cleveland, Ohio
I’m currently working with elementary school students at 2 schools, and one wants to incorporate coding into their curriculum.
I’m interested in helping them design their curriculum, which is going to be blended into their library time, and am looking for ideas and answers to questions/ concerns I have.


My name is Kim Brown. I live in North Carolina and I teach at a private school. I teach computers to K5-8th grade. I’d like to learn more about coding so that I can incorporate it in my curriculum.



Welcome! For 5-8th Grade you have two choices, CS Fundamentals which is a good starting point for everyone, and then the new CS Discoveries course which is geared towards grades 6th-9th. Welcome and glad to have you as part of the community!



Good morning!

My name is Kellie Weisenbeck and I’m working in a 1:1 classroom of fourth graders. I work in Virginia Beach, VA.

We are doing our first genius hour and my personal question is: how can I incorporate coding into my curriculum? I don’t have much experience at all, but I did do the hour of code with my class. It was enough to pique my interest.



Welcome to the community! For fourth grade, with students with little to no coding experience, you’ll want to check out CS Fundamentals which also offers free workshops throughout the summer and school year, just visit the site and look for one close!

It’s wonderful that you are stretching out and trying something new - great to be a “Lead Learner” for your 4th Graders and model “lifelong learner” behavior!



My name is Lokman , working as a lecturer at a university in Turkey.
Normally , i teach text based programming langs. Code.org change my mind through blocks. And i planned to give lessons using code.org to teach algorithm . And planned to give seminars , lessons to make elemantary students love code using code.org. Hope it will be enjoyable.