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Hi all :wave:,

My name is Sydney Hansen and I live and work in Las Vegas, Nevada (Yes, we have schools here :slight_smile:). I currently teach 4th grade math and science but will be moving to become a specialist in humanities where I will be doing K-2 science and 3-5 technology. I am interested in coding because I hear so much about it and I know that I remember doing coding on my Myspace and Xenga accounts when I was younger but didn’t know that I was actually coding. Bringing coding into the classroom is a goal of mine now that I have autonomy as to what I am teaching. It also will better prepare my students for the 21st century world that they live in. I have never used coding before and am very interested in trying it out. My favorite ice cream is probably Haagen Das raspberry sherbert. If you want to chat or see what I looked like with blonde hair, I’m a brunette now, I have a Twitter account @SydneyH_x3. I hope to learn all I can about coding and get some great ideas for projects from other teachers


Hi guys! My name is Lin Lin from China. I graduated with a master degree in instructional design and technology (IDT) in Emporia state, Kansas where i spent almost 6 years. I’m currently working as a system service librarian in a university of southern China. However, my work doesn’t give me an opportunity to keep improving my IDT skills.

Coding for kids is a very new concept to Chinese education. I have a niece who is 10 years old now and she loves playing videos game. In order to turn pure playing into meaningful playing, I think coding would be a great way for her. Meantime, she can learn English as well. So she will be my first and only student for now.

Nice to meet you guys!


My name is Theresa and I am a K-5 art teacher from Auburndale, FL. It’s halfway between Tampa and Orlando. As an art teacher, I am interested in learning how coding can be applied to art and student creations. This should be interesting!!!



Welcome! If you have some spare time this summer (ha! coming from a fellow teacher) you should check out Processing.org and the “Getting Started with Processing” book, it might be too advanced for your 4th/5th this year but they’ll become more comfortable.
Processing is a Java based language (text based as well) that focuses on the drawing aspect and within a line of code you can draw a circle/rectangle on a canvas, then learn how to manipulate it.
Maybe start with the Hour of Code Processing activity and go from there - Processing.org is a “suggested donation” download and there are a lot of resources available.



Hello! My name is Mary and I am a preschool teacher in Rogers, AR. I am interested in the online courses to help me become a better candidate for a library media position in an elementary school.

My favorite ice cream is chocolate chip mint:)


Hi, my name is Stephanie and I teach 4th grade in Frankfort, Ky. I am interested in learning how to engage my students, open their eyes, and possibly decrease drop-outs in the future.


Hello! My name is Maria Sellers. I live in Terre Haute, Indiana and work in Clinton, Indiana.
I currently teach the high school student digital leaders course and serve as the corporation eLearning Specialist.
I am seeking more information about Computer Science to link activities with the new Indiana Computer Science Standards. While I have experience with Code.org, I have not spent a ton of time with the lesson plans and scope/sequence.

[My Website] (http://sellerstech.weebly.com)

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I am Maryann - I am currently a fourth grade teacher in Vermont who has used scratch and some code.org hour of code materials for the past few years. I have taught special education 3-5 and 6-8 and have taught high school math as well as a first-second grade loop as part of my career. I am interested in learning more about programming myself, and see how CS studio lays out lessons. I am ultimately interested in joining this community because I want to connect with other educators of students of all ages that overlaps with a field I am interested in integrating more of in my curricula.


Hi! My name is Mary Ann Smiley. I will be teaching computers next year for K-4. A little nervous!!!


I am Liz. I work for the Anne Arundel County Public Library,
I will be working with kids 8-12. I hope learn enough to teach kids some coding through the online courses.


My name is Florence I am from west africa Nigeria. I started taking ICT four years back before the introduction of computing. Since the introduction of computing into the new curriculum I have been teaching kids programming using scratch. I recently joined the forum and have read alot about computer science been broken down to the elementary level for kids at different age group . It’s my pleasure to belong to the forum and learn more on coding.


Hi! I’m Penny Webster. I work at Matthew Thornton Elementary School in Londonderry, NH but live in Milford, NH. I work with children in grades 1 - 4. While I have had some computer experience in Graduate School I feel that I need to refresh/increase my knowledge of coding. For the past two years we have participated in Hour of Code at our school. I have seen how much the children enjoy it and understand that programming is the wave of the future. I am grateful to be part of this community and look forward to feedback.

Sorry for the very large self portrait. :slight_smile:


My name is Ayman Aladdine, I live in Damietta/Egypt, And i’m a freelance software developer,
I believe that every child should learn problem solving and programming skills, in my city schools rarely
provide a good material that cover these topics, my dream is to help young children to learn how acquire
problem solving and basics of programming thinking skills.
i graduated from faculty of Engineering, Computer and control department, self-learner most of my CS
knowledge had earned it from online course.
and i’m glade to be a part of this comunity :slight_smile: .
Professional Website : soon :smiley: .
favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate of course :smile: .


Hi everyone. I’m Brent Chapman. I live and work in Flint, MI. I teach K-8th grade. I’m looking forward to adding some coding to my toolbelt.


Hi I am Mira Rempillo. I am a UI/UX Designer and a homeschooling mom of 3 kids ages 7 (twins) and a 12 year old.

We are from the Philippines and very much interested to know how I can incorporate Code.org to our curriculum. I have been teaching some computer classes for kids and adults in a Computer school here in the Philippines, and being able to teach Code.org would be a wonderful thing to add to my love of teaching the young.

I’ve learned how to code as with GW Basic when I was 11 years old and it was those classes that exposed my understanding about technology. It would be great to share that to other kids as well.


Hello! My name is Susan Ferdon and I am an Assistive Technology Coach in Deerfield District 109, a K-8 school district north of Chicago, Illinois. Before my current teaching role I was an Instructional Coach and before that I was the Technology Coordinator. Both were in a K-5 school. Before that I was a music teacher and used LOTS of tech in my classroom for teaching and learning. My EdTech Masters program at Boise State prepared me well for my position as Tech Coordinator and my school jumped on board, full force, for the first Hour of Code. I’m very excited to learn more about computer science!


Hi, my name is Sandy Vander Wilt. I teach 5th and 6th grade science at a public school in Utah. We are almost finished with SAGE testing and I would like to incorporate some computer science between now and the end of the year.


Greetings, my name is David Barrera. I’m from Guayaquil, Ecuador. I currently teach from Kinder to 7th Grade Computer Science.

Previously I taught High School level CS, so dealing with little kids is a new challenge for me, and as this is my first experience I had no idea what to teach or how to divide certain topics between levels. Thankfully I found Code.org curriculum which gave me an idea of what to do and how to do it.

Previously I’ve used Code Studio puzzles for Programming Introduction classes which gave me good results, so I expect nothing less from the curriculum for K-5.


Hello everyone
My name is B. Green, I’m from Greensboro, NC. Currently I teach 6-8 graders Business, Finance Information Technology at SEMS.
Coding is not part of our curriculum however, I have always wanted to teach my students coding. I am so glad that I found Code.org. After reading through the curriculum and the interactive activities, not only can I but also my students really enjoy learning.


Hi My name is Jane McLaren I am the Digital Technology teacher at Arundel State School located on the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. I am new to this role and am definitely a novice when it comes to coding. I am teaching Prep - Year 2 and am really enjoying learning about digital technology and how to use it to enhance the curriculum. I am really excited about Coding.org I think it is going to be a great resource for my school.