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Hi My name is Mehmet. I live in Çan / Çanakkale / Türkiye. I teach pre school and 1-4 grades. I want to open new ways for my students to learn about computer science / coding / robotics.


Hello all! My name is Jennie Gutierrez. The students call me Mrs. G. I am new to coding but am excited to learn. I live in Chula Vista, CA, just south of San Diego. I will be teaching GATE students 4th to 6th in addition to substitute teaching K to 6th.


Hello Everyone! My name is Jennifer Johnson and I’m an elementary instructional coach in Iowa. I taught elementary for 16 years before becoming an instructional coach two years ago. As a 2nd grade teacher, my students participated in the hour of code. That was my first experience with coding. This year I’m partnering with teachers in my building to get more students involved. I thought I’d try this online professional learning course to deeper my understanding of coding and to better serve my teachers.


I’m Becky from Barrington, IL. I teach K-5 STEM - mostly LEGO robotics. I’m looking to up my game in Computer Science.


Hello. My name is Christine Golden.

I am writing from a rural county, Jefferson, in the panhandle of Florida. It looks like I will be leading a Coding Club at the local K-12 charter school starting in November.

I make my living as a freelance, front-end web developer. I fell in love with coding in 2008 and want to share the magic. It’s markup and styling that I’m familiar with, and WordPress theme development (which requires a bit of PHP). I know only the very basics of JavaScript.

Jefferson County is a troubled county, education-wise. The newly hired charter school club coordinator and I want to introduce tech to this agricultural and impoverished community. The high school students aren’t the least interested, but there may be some interest at the 5th -8th grade levels.

Teaching youngsters will be new to me. I’ve already signed up for a Saturday live class in Kissimmee, FL. I’m very excited to be involved!



Greetings All,
I am Jenn Wheeler from Spokane, Washington. I teach 1-6 library and technology. Coding fascinates me. My students LOVE hour of code. Many of them have asked to do the “real” stuff. They want to go beyond Blockly. I would like to travel with them. So here I am learning with all of you while I am eating my Lavender Snoqualmie Ice cream .


Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, Ola, Namaste and Hello to you all!

My name is Aaron Fehling and I am the eLearning Coordinator & Digital Technologies Specialist at St Patrick’s Primary School, Geelong West, Australia. I am in my third year as eLearning Coordinator for my school, and thought it time to develop my skills and knowledge even further by taking this course.

Back in early 2016, I began teaching Digital Technologies as part of my specialist teacher program and have been using CODE.org and their amazing curriculum resources in my grade 3-6 classes to support the learning and teaching of computer sciences.

A big shout out and thank you to the tireless team at CODE.org for assisting me (in the past up until today) with the teaching and planning of computer sciences at my school.

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Hello, my name is Wanda Bailey. I teach science lab in Brooksville, Florida. I know that in c-palms we have 56 computer science standards. Is there a bridge for us to use that would connect your lessons to our computer science state stnadards? Thank you.


Hello! I am Megan (MrsArrr). I work in Central Washington State. I work with all grade levels, but I’m interested in teaching coding to pre-schoolers. In my current work, I do not have a structured PLC – so it will be nice to have one!

I have only limited experience with coding, but we play “Robot Turtle” and enjoy Osobot. This will be our first trip into real-life coding!

Thank you for taking part in educating our young people – it really is an incredible thing you all do!


My name is Maika, and I will be a former teacher wworking at code.org

I m from the Basque Country, Spain, English, is our third language, so please be patience with my simple English wrinting.

I’m really excited and worried to work with all of you. Iam teaching English and working with code with 8-10 years students.
I have no experience in Code Studio.
I supose that will be in touch.



Luwanda Johnson Harper
Nobel Elementary
need more tech knowledge


Karen Miller
Augusta County Schools
K-12 (ITRT)
I love to be a lifelong learner!


My image is from an amazing vacation in the Cayman Island!

My favorite ice cream is vanilla and salted caramel.


My name is Angela Berg and I am a PreK-5 Library Media Specialist. My role is moving more from set-up & troubleshooting to actively using technology with students. I have run a couple Google CS First after-school sessions and a few hour of code activities over the last couple years. I would like to further engage my students in the foundations of code.


My name is Linda Nellor. I moved this year from a grade level classroom to K-5 Technology Teacher. I am teaching Google Fundamentals to students and teachers and would like to add coding to the curriculum. I would like to introduce coding right after Thanksgiving and continue to use it along with my Google Curriculum the rest of the year.



My name is Shpresa Ahmeti. I am a HS special ed and science teacher in Jersey City, NJ. I am hoping to learn something here that I can eventually use in my physical science classes.


Hi folks,
My name is Brendan Vanderkley and I teach at Christian College Geelong, in (you guessed it) Geelong, Australia.
I’m the ICT/Computer Science Coordinator at our school and exploring if and where Code Studio is a good fit for our students - especially in the primary years. We’re a large, multi-campus K-12 school.
I’m interested to network with other teachers, particularly any Australian teachers working with the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies who are using Code Studio as part of their program and approach.
Just as happy to connect with CS teachers overseas…


Hello everyone,

I’m Angela Mounce and I live in London, KY. I teach computers at North Middle. I am excited to try something different as I have taught computers for 10 years.

My favorite is frozen yogurt all flavors. I love to :ski: and travel http://rvvacationing.blogspot.com/ (my kids wrote most of this)

Look forward to learning about this program with everyone.


Hello and Greetings
My name is Orvil Samuel and I bring you greetings from America’s Paradise- St Croix, USVI. I’m a certified technology integration teacher working with age groups k-6. I have developed a love recently to the learn the basics of computer science. I have a MA in Teaching and Learning with Technology, but I have not done any computer science classes. I’m very excited to join this class and looks forward to great learning experience.


Hi All,
My name is Anna Balch. I currently work as a volunteer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the favela Rocinha. Here in Rocinha, I am the coordinator of a social project that runs an after school STEM and English program in the favela.

We are interested in being a part of the code.org community because we are attempting to make our school more computer science oriented and use that to provide more opportunities for our kids. We’ve been using code.org for about a year now and our students love it!

Here’s a photo of our students! If you are interested in getting to know our project more, you can send me an email at balch_a1@denison.edu or check out our organizations Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/projectfavela/


My Name is Catherine Kenny. I am a 20 year veteran educator who taught 3-6 grade before taking a leap into gifted education. I am currently facilitating a 6th grade makerspace in a new school system in Pike Road, AL. We are a standards based, pbl school with 1:1 technology.
Believing that students are innovative thinkers, not just learners, one of my main goals is to help them develop critical thinking and creative problem solving skills. One way to develop and practice these skills is through Code.org courses. Although I have guided our learners through various courses over the past few years, we are working through the express course this year. I also pair the Code.org courses with Scratch for additional application practice.
I am looking forward to collaborating with all of you,

Twitter @MrsKennyPRS