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I’ve visited Turkey (Istanbul), and it is SUCH a wonderful place! Hope to go back soon to see more of the country.


Hey y’all! I’m April Whitehead, a digital learning coach at a 5-8 grade campus in Clute, Texas.

I’m a Google for Education Certified Trainer, and a coding newbie. I’m looking for resources to promote computer science on my campus because few of our students enroll in CS courses at the high school level. I’m working with our bilingual teachers to promote CS and physical computing to our 5th and 6th grade English Language Learners.

I’d love to connect with you on Twitter @aprilswhitehead
I have used code.org to teach programming basics to our after-school robotics students, and I used it to support our campus-wide HOC activities last year. I want to go further, and I’m looking forward to completing the online PD.


Hi! My name is Nicole and I am a kindergarten teacher in Pennsylvania! Coding is an extremely new but very interesting topic to me! I am trying to incorporate it into my kindergarten classroom first, and then on a larger scale I hope to introduce it to my whole school!


Hi everyone
I’m Ivo, I live in Denmark and am currently in my last year of an alternative teacher’s seminar.

Right now I am working on an individual assignment for math, and I chose to hunt down the best resources for teaching coding principles. Seems like code.org has it all. I will try to recruit my classmates and get everyone from our math-class to become a teacher knowing a bit about coding as well.

What this site does is so important. And amazing that it is free. Thank you!!


My name is Mary Leyden. I’ve been using Code.org for a few years now and I’ve been amazed at how it continues to grow in so many ways that meet the needs of students and their teachers.
I work as a Digital Literacy Coach for school district in Western Massachusetts. I’m looking forward to becoming an active member of this community!


Hello! My name is Michele Dick. I live in the wonderful Pacific Northwest, where the liquid sunshine brings me joy. I am currently a technology specialist. My role connects the wonderful work that is done in the curriculum and instruction department and the educational technology department. I was an elementary teacher for 13 years before finding my passion with technology in education. I now eagerly learn and share with others.

I am interested in Code.org as a resource and tool to help the teachers and students in my district. I became interested in coding and Code.org when my son came home talking about what he had created at camp and I was struggling to keep up with my end of the conversation! Since then, he has been my expert I have learned from.

You can connect with me through Twitter @MicheleDick1


Hi, my name is Valerie. I am the gifted teacher at a K-5 elementary school in Germany. I have been living in Germany for the past two months, by choice and I love it. I have introduced Kindergartners, first graders, and second graders to coding through code.org and the hour of code and now that I am at a new school, I would like to go a little bit deeper in teaching coding. I hope that being a part of this community will be a place where we can communicate our knowledge and lack there of without being judged one way or another.


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Please use this thread to introduce yourself to the group. Tell us:

Your name- Chandra Parker
Where you live/work - Holyoke,Colorado
What grade you teach-K-12 Technology Integration
Why you’re interested in being part of this community I received an entire day of training a few years back, used it when I taught 2nd grade. Making a jump to create after-school coding clubs for 3-12 this year.


Hi, my name is Grace McKenzie and I am an Educational Technology Specialist for Prince Albert Grand Council in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. I help teachers use technology in the classroom within our grand council, which includes 26 schools in 12 First Nations communities. I would like to be a part of this community so I can learn more about coding and how I can introduce it to ours schools.


Hi to everyone,

I’m Erma currently living in Thailand for almost 9 years. I am an ICT teacher from K-3. Our school has 3 campuses. I was based on 3rd campuses where started 7 years ago and we started before from Kindergarten and now we have grade 3. I became interested in joining this organization because I would like to level up my knowledge of technology. I would like to study deeper with educational technology. I would like to engage with people who have the same passion and drive in teaching computer science in an easy way that my students would learn. I had tried so many online sites who have coding projects or activity which are free.

You can reach me at Facebook and IG @mayos81

Thanks for welcoming me here and I hope i can learn and share something with you guys


Hi! I’m Carla Jefferson, an instructional technology coordinator for a small rural school district in South Carolina. A 20 year veteran educator, I have been a middle school ELA/SS teachers, an elementary curriculum facilitator, and a school level administrator for special needs students.

I have been using Code.org as a resource since being introduced to the Hour of Code in 2013 and have seen how simple it is to use for students and teachers. As an English teacher with no prior knowledge to computer science, code.org was an absolute joy! It allowed me to provide opportunities to my students despite my shortcomings. In addition, I have witnessed first hand how the resource increased student and teacher confidence in computer science areas.

Website: www.mrsjeff2u.com
Twitter: @mrsjeff2u


Hi, I’m excited to get started. I have been using Code.org as fun freetime activities for my students, but want to start doing more. I am starting an after school coding club. and also looking for other ways to encourage students to do more.

Garrett Mair
Coral Cliffs Elementary



My name is Florrie. I currently live and work in New Jersey, and I currently serve as a teacher for Kindergarten Prep through 8 grade students. I’m currently interested learning more about implementations of coding activity at the elementary school level in this online community.


Hi, my name is Wan Abdul Aziz. I’m from Malaysia. I’m currently teaching science for elementary school. I’m interested to teach computer science to my students as I believe it will benefit them in the future. Hopefully, my school will accept my proposal!!!


Hello Everyone! My name is Sandy Tolbert. I currently work in Campbell, California (near San Jose, CA) as a kindergarten teacher. I teach in the Campbell Union School District. I’m interested in being in this community because I am training my students at a young age to understand the demands of programming and technology in the 21st century, especially since we reside in the Silicon Valley. You can follow me on Twitter: @SandyTolbert9.

I have participating in the Hour of Code for years. My class uses Beebots and mats to anticipate directions. We also use OSMO Coding to obtain experience in the coding world.

My favorite color is pink. My students have gifted me with a pink stapler, a pink 3-hole punch, a pink coffee mug, and I even teach from a pink wooden chair. My teaching planner also has a pink cover. Pink makes me smile, but I make sure to tell my students that anyone can love pink. It’s not a color that differentiates people from other people.


My name is Nazlıcan. Im from Turkey. Im living in İzmir. I am a coding and robotics teacher for kids whose age range from kindergarten to 4th grade.

I think we are all connected. We can share good ideas together.

Feel free to reach out to me on https://twitter.com/clumsygeisha or nt.3593@gmail.com

Have a good coding day! :slight_smile:


Hi! My name is Margaret Uhlig. My students often just call me Mrs. U. I teach K-5th Art in the suburbs of Chicago. I am trying out this course because I am conducting a Genius Hour project with my 5th graders and I have a student who would like to become a video game designer. I need at least some basic knowledge to help him get started and I might even find my curiosity leads me to learn something new for myself!


Hi all,

I am teaching K-12 ICT/computer science in an international school in China. Feel welcome to connect with me if you teach in this region or subject area. I find the activities at code.org really great. My twitter name is johnhelmy.



Bob Clark
I live in Palatka Florida and Teach at C.H. Price Middle School in Interlachen Florida
I teach 8th grade Business and Computers
I want to learn how the Computer Science Curriculum is being used in other classrooms


My name is Jim Crawford, I teach 6-8 STEM at Loftis Middle School in TN. I am wanting to learn how to Code and be able to teach it to my students.