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My name is Mako
I live in the Caribbean
I teach K-12 and PD for teachers
I am interested in CS for the country


Hi everyone, I’m İpek.
I live in Istanbul, Turkey. I used to teach computer to preschoolers, now I’m into coding with 6-11 years old students.I mostly work volentarily.

Peace! :sparkles:
İpek Süer



My name is Tim Rossow. I am a Business Education teacher from Newman Grove, NE. I am in my 21st year of teaching. I have just started teaching computer classes the last couple of years. I

  • Your name - Glenn Crane
  • Where you live/work - Seoul - YISS
  • What grade you teach - No grade - Technology Coordinator
  • Why you’re interested in being part of this community - I am investigating the material with CSF for potential use in our ES


My name is Rebecca, I’m the Technology Integration Specialist for Charles J. Sahs Elementary. This is a new position therefore, I teach a class of students once a day for a quarter of 6-8 graders. I’m interested in being apart of this community to establish this position and myself. I also know that Coding is one of the most sought out future careers.


My name is Donna. I teach a grade 3/4 class in a small rural school about an hours drive outside Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I teach Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Phys Ed, Art, Music, Drama, and Dance to 22 energetic students. We really enjoyed the Hour of Code, and I realized that this is an area that I really need some PD in.
I am surprised at how many people teach only a few subjects. Think I’m a tad jealous.
On a personal note, I have been working with children for 25+ years. In the last few years, at home we have been fostering cats and kittens for a local cat rescue.


My name is Sheila Huyett, I live in Leesburg, VA. Currently, I am the Director of Technology for Providence Academy and teach grades K through 5th.
Knowing pretty much nothing about coding, it would be nice to have a support group to turn to when I’m stuck, or offer help to someone else when needed.


In that case, please feel free to post in this forum at any time! Here’s the link to the CSF top level :slight_smile:




My name is Lynda D’Alessio. I am a computer lab manager in K-5 elementary school. I took C++ in college about 10 years ago and have not used coding since. I think it’s time. Some of my students can teach me.



My name is Karin and I live in rural Canon City, CO (Home of the Royal Gorge and the Arkansas River).

After spending the past decade teaching 8th Grade Social Studies, I went back to my Elementary roots but as a Lifeskills/Specials teacher! I am now in my second year of teaching K-5 Technology/Computers. (luckily kinders don’t scare me as much anymore!) Last year was my school’s first Hour of Code and we did it again this year, with every elementary student participating in coding! I’m interested in this community, as I want to learn about what other people are doing in their classrooms! No one else has picked up coding in my district, so I don’t have folks to bounce ideas off of.

I tried coding back in the 80s with Fortran in HS and decided that was not something for me. However, last year, I started learning/understanding things a bit more going thru activities on Hour of Code and Bitsbox. I love watching my students progress thru frustration to excitement as their coding projects work. I have several students now using the Play Lab to create their own apps - talk about excited kiddos! I’ve only been dabbling with coding last year and this year. I really like the new format with code.org and setting up classes, following their progress, and the integration with Classroom. I attended a 1 day workshop up in Wyoming this past September and enjoyed the collegiality. I have an after-school elementary computer club and we’ve been working on Missions with Dash robots. I’m planning on launching a girls only coding club for 6-8th graders in January with the Girls Who Code curriculum.

Looking forward to learning more from all of you!


Hello, My name is Amafi, I live in Chicago SW Suburbs . I’m currently a retired professor volunteering full time to contribute to inner city schools and community outreach. My hope is to also contribute coding to the various levels. The focus is on the elementary 3rd-to-5th. My objective of joining this community is to gain knowledge , experience and wisdom form those who have attended coding sessions.


Hi ! I’m Daibhidh. I’m a primary school teacher in Inverness, Scotland. I’m a beginner but have been inspired by my first attempts at learning code. More importantly, I have been inspired by the children’s enthusiasm to learn code.


My name is Larisa Hinojosa Contreras
I live in San Luis Potosi, Mexico
I teach middle school and high school.
I’m interested in improving my teaching practice and continue learning and developing as a CS teacher.

The website of my school is nikolatesla.edu.mx.
I’ve been teaching Scratch in Universidad TecMilenio and now I’ll be teaching appInventor 2.
We started using Google Classroom at school and I’m looking for better ways to use it to improve my students learning abilities, I want to use my students Chromebooks.
My favorite ice cream flavor… Italian chocolate.


Hi everybody. I’m Nguyen Dinh Huy from Vietnam. I’m a teacher of English at the University of Science. I want to take this course to be able to teach my grandchildren how to code.


Hello everybody,
My name is Esa :smile_cat:, I am a teacher aide in Auckland (New Zealand) helping an autistic child in primary school. :nerd:
I am just seeing if I can use or create specific material.:hand_splayed:


Hi… I am an Ed Tech Coach from Pennsylvania. I have been using Code.org for 3 years now with students in code clubs and for hour of code activities. Looking forward to learning more about the recent updates.


Hi everyone, My name is Manuel, I’m from Spain.
Actually, I’m not a teacher, I am MEP Engineer, but I like to teach.(not a problem I guess)
I´ve started this program 3 hours ago and I´m looking forward to learn everything!!
Good Job,guys.

Best regards


Hi everyone. My name is Dingdong. I’m from Sichuan China.

Tangram Puzzle is my favorite.


My name is Chelsea Hoffman and I am an Intensive Learning Support Teacher (Kindergarten-4th Grade) in PA. This is my first year working in a public school district. Before beginning my new teaching journey I taught for 5 years as a Special Education teacher at a non-profit private school for students with Autism. My students ranged in ages 13-17 and I worked together with a Multidisciplinary team to provide them with educational support and instruction that met their needs. Additionally I trained, coached, and monitored up to 7 Behavioral Technicians assigned to my classroom each day. I am interested in being a part of this community because honestly I am not the most tech savvy individual, and I’ve never heard of coding in classrooms until starting my new position this past August. Many of the other classrooms complete coding lessons with their students and I’m interested in learning what it’s all about. I’m ready to learn and share my knowledge in my classroom :slight_smile:


Margaret (Margie) O’Connell from Adelaide Australia. I work at a Wandana Primary School. I will be teaching Reception – Year 7 students in 2018 in Digital Technology and Auslan (Australian Sign Language). I want to join the group so I can learn and share my learning journey about coding with others.
Wow this Christmas we got an ice cream maker so favourite ice cream flavour is changing on a daily basis today …Mango 