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Hi. My name is Kitty Krause and I live in Lake Wales, FL. I am an inclusion teacher for grades K-5. I also teach a social skills class that I want to use learning to code as a way to assist my students in learning to work together and communicate with others better.



  • Raymond Bonnell
  • American Football Coach, Salzburg, Austria
  • Taught Middle and High School in Kent, WA for 6 years before expatriating myself to the beautiful Austrian Alps. I will be Homeschooling my 12 year old son and supplementing my 6 year old daughter’s education with Computer Science.
  • The data is in and it is clear: Having (in the minimum) basic Computer Science and Coding skills are basic necessities for the coming generations, might as well get on top of it and prepare my children for their futures.

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My name is Patty Zerger. I am from Sheboygan, Wisconsin and work for Sheboygan Area School District. I teach 5th grade and want to teach my students about coding because my students, many of whom come from a low socio-economic background, have shown interest in coding. I am hoping that this will enhance their desire to learn new things, commit to continuing their education, and open new opportunities for them.


Hi! My name is Shinnell Burroughs! I live in Hempstead, NY and work at P.S. 233 The Langston Hughes School. I teach 1st grade special education in an ICT classroom. I am interested in being apart of this community because it will be a beneficial resource to help my students with their computer science skills. My favorite ice cream flavor is Cold Stone’s chocolate cake batter with brownie bits!! Mmmmm yum!


I’m Chiara .
I’m a teacher in a Primary school, I live in a town near Rome, Italy.
I teach maths in many classes and i find very important introducing children to coding.
It’s funny, interesting, useful… it’s amazing!
I discovered code.org by my brother’s advise and I started three years ago with hour of code. After that my interest is increased and now I’m using the coding in my teaching programme.


Hi my name is Jeff Mallegni, I am a teacher at Marshall High School in Milwaukee WI. I am teaching Computer classes to mostly Juniors and Seniors. I am interested in being part of this community because I have never taught computer classes and I need resources to assist me.


I’m Heather Fogell from Red Lion Area Senior High School in York County Pa.
I teach biology, ecology, forensics, and integrated science to students in grades 9 - 12.
I’m interested in being part of this community to gain digital resources to apply to my teaching to help me reach, deliver, and extend the curricular ideas. Also to explore the possibility of earning digital badges that are new to my school district.


Michelle Bonds
I live in Douglasville, GA
I currently teach 2nd grade but have taught k-5 students in my career.
I teach my students to use many STEM programs and want to further my knowledge into coding.
I completed the hour of code with 77 2nd graders this year.


Hello! My name is Jade Foust. I am from Red Lion, Pennsylvania and I teach 2nd grade. I believe that teaching coding is an important part of our curriculum, because it will prepare kids for job opportunities in a growing field.


Hi! My name is Suzanne Carney. I teach 21st Century Skills in a computer lab in Selah, WA to K-2 students. I believe computer science should be at the forefront of those 21st Century Skills. I have taught the Code.org fundamentals course for 4 years now. I have never been trained so I’m looking forward to taking the online self-paced course. My students love this self-paced platform and it allows me to see individual growth so I love it too.
My favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road.


Hi folks, my name is Wesley Wade. I live and work in Southern Oregon as a classified employee in a local public school. I’m trying to maneuver my way through code.org and its curriculum so I can hopefully begin to develop a robust computer science education for K-5 students at my school. I believe CS education should be part of the bedrock of students’ education, just in the same way we treat reading, writing, and arithmetic. The social, economic, and emotional challenges of these young students’ lives will depend, I think, on understanding all of the concepts CS teaches us. Much like art, I think a little bit of learning about the things we create can tell us a lot about the people we can become.
With all that in mind, it should be pretty clear why I want to be a part of this community! I hope to use this space as a sort of Stack Exchange for CS education. My own experience with code is fairly limited - I’m self-taught barring a couple courses in college - and I hope to further my own education in computer science fundamentals while learning the best way to pass this material onto the younglings.
I’m not on social media, but please feel free to contact me on here!
An edit: I like vanilla ice cream



My name is Marcello, and I live and teach in the Sultanate of Oman, at an American School

I am the Middle School Technology Integrator, and I am really interested in putting in place coding curriculum at our school.

Twitter: @mmongardi
Blog: www.mmongardi.com


Hello. My name is Viki Nulph and I’m from a small town Saxonburg, PA. I earned my Elementary Degree 4 years ago after being a graphic designer for over 15+ years. I always wanted to teach. I have been subbing since I received my degree praying for my chance as a full time teacher. I have had 7 long term positions in grades 4-6. I absolutely love what I do. While working in a 4th grade classroom I was introduced to code.org and loved how excited the students were to code and play the games. It was so wonderful to see. I am anxious to learn as much as I can so hopefully I can introduce it in the other 4 districts that I sub at!!


Hello, my name is Cindy Nickodam. I am an ITRT for Lee County, Virginia Public Schools. I taught Computer Applications and Keyboarding for 16 years. This is my 3rd year as an ITRT. I began using resources on code.org about 5 or 6 years ago (the first Hour of Code). I had never done coding and the Hour of Code was my first try at it. My students loved it. I continued to participate with my middle school students. When I became an ITRT, I introduced code.org to other schools in my district.

Our district is working on implementing CS curriculum into our schools next year. I feel code.org is a great resource and an excellent place to start.


So, I am guessing this is where I introduce myself. This is how NOT in the know I am. It took me 5 minutes just to find the reply button.
I am Amy Griffin and I work and teach in Westby, Montana. I teach 7-12 Business and Keyboarding and Elementary Music. (It’s a really small school.)
I am really interested in learning about computer science and coding so that I can teach my students and expose them to something new.


Hi, I am Janis Tennant from Ravenswood, WV. I teach 4th grade at a 3-5th grade school with just under 300 students. I haven’t really done any coding since the late 70s when I had a FORTRAN and COBOL class. While I realize the importance of Reading, our area sometimes is lacking in more advanced TECH and Math Training. I am hoping exposure to coding will improve their thinking processes to include more logic.


Hi everyone,
I am Virgie McGrath. I live in Oroville, California, but teach transitional kindergarten in Chico, California. I just started a coding club after school on Fridays for all TK through 5th graders. I have 59 kids in two one-hour sessions every Friday. , I like the curriculum so far. I am using Course A for all of them since we are all just beginning.
I have been doing hour of code for the last three years. Each year I have gone a little deeper. I love how coding challenges my high kids, giving some of them their first chance to experience frustration. I also see some of my kids who struggle with academics excel with coding.
My favorite things to do age genealogy and gardening. I love to wear converse.


Hello everyone! I am a fan of bulleted lists, so here we go :wink:

The Basics:

  • Meredith Nickerson
  • Dexter Community Schools, Dexter, MI (just West of Ann Arbor, MI)
  • 3rd & 4th Grade Digital Literacy/Media
  • As a former technology coach and current digital literacy teacher, I am looking for an engaging way to introduce my students to CS fundamentals!


My background in CS

  • I am a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator
  • I’m also a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer
  • I have been teaching students some very basic CS concepts using the CS Unplugged Curriculum
    *I’ve played around with resources on code.org, but am not well-versed in all it has to offer!

Before leading my 550 students on VR field trips this December…

And lastly, rocky road ice cream all the way!


My name Jose A. Govea Flores I am a professor of computer science in the country of Peru, in the city of Casma I teach children from 8 to 12 years old, I work for a SENATI Institute, my facebook is (https://www.facebook.com /joe.goveaflores)



I’m a makerspace facilitator in Tuolumne County, California. I’m an avid maker. I’m a CNC (router) programmer/operator, and web designer. I’ve been a software engineer and an IT manager. I’m very into art and design.

I’m here to learn about these tools and become a more effective teacher, and hope to learn to get kids hooked and interested in learning. I want to be able to offer the right lessons for every potential student that walks into our maker space.