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My name is Paula Kesler and I am currently a flooring sales specialist at a major home improvement store. I like my job BUT it is not my career of choice. In 2000, I was happily serving as the instructional technology specialist at White Oak Elementary School in Cape Carteret, NC. I had 10 years under my belt as an elementary educator and was thrilled that I’d been given the opportunity to teach my secondary passion, computers and technology.

I couldn’t imagine ever doing anything else…until my son was born. I planned to keep working but I didn’t plan on the bond I would have with my son. So I decided to stay home with him.

In the meantime, a long series of unfortunate events prevented me from keeping my teaching certificate current. Now it’s simply time to get back to what I know I was meant to do. While taking courses for license renewal, I came across code.org and now I am absolutely hooked! I can hardly wait to get back into the classroom, whether it’s brick and mortar or virtual.

Thanks for this amazing opportunity!


Ellen. Teaching with code.org for a whild now. Teaching Computer Literacy grades K-7 with coding.


Hello, I’m Giuseppe Ammaccapane. I live in a small village named Sant’Arsenio in South of Italy. I teach Math and Science in a lower secondary school. My student are from 11 to 14 years old. I’m interested in CS because of I’d like to use it in my teaching and get the students more engaged.
I have some knowledge in CS and I have used Code.org with my students.


Hello my name is Patricia Mendonca. I live in Spring Hill, Florida and work at Shady Hills Elementary. I am not a teacher but work as a Media Tech in our Media Center. A group of us are starting an after school Tech Club where we will introduce students to coding and using robots and drones (also using coding). We are using Code.org to introduce our students to beginning coding.


Hello my name is James,

I am joining this community to teach my GF’s 11 year old son about computers. While I am fairly capable of working on computers and solving issues with them that doesn’t take a great deal of schooling, I do not know anything about programming. I would like to teach him the basics of computer hardware first, functions, and move towards something fun for him to do like programming as he stated was his field of interest. Please feel free to message me or shout out if you have any tips on where to start! I have never taught anyone, let alone a child, computers so this will be challenging for the both of us but I look forward to it and learning programming with him!

From: Spokane, WA
Field: Registered Nurse on Medical floor
Wanting to teach/learn: computer hardware (refresher) and programming
Contact: JadamCuevas@gmail.com


Hello my name is Ines, I live in Jakarta/Indonesia, I’m working as Professional IT in the establish telco company and I learn CODE to teach my kids computer science the age is 5 and 7. I interested with teaching and be part of the community. Looking forward to learning more here.

my twitter account is @rpermesty


My name is Lindsey Tennimon. I am a stay at home mom that is looking to return to the work force. I live in Layton, UT. I’m interested in being part of this community to expand my knowledge and hopefully land a job as a computer teacher aide!
I am very excited to learn, learn, learn!


My name is Lisa and I teach Computers at a private school in Walnut Creek, CA. Previously I’ve taught PE, 4th, and 1st grade and this is my first year in the computer lab. I’m looking forward to expanding my own knowledge of computer science and getting more ideas about how I can teach it.


Good morning, My name is Keryn. I live in Brisbane Australia, and I retired from teaching early last year. Since, just for the fun of it, I’ve worked a few teacher-librarian contracts at a school of distance education, teaching online literacy and research lessons to Prep, Years 1 to 6 and Year 9. This year I’m taking on a new challenge as a part-time teacher-librarian and e-learning mentor at a primary school. The new national Australian curriculum has children learning coding from an early age. I would like to update my knowledge and skills so that I can introduce the Prep to Year 6 students at my school to Code.org.


Hello! My name is Sarah and I am an elementary school library media specialist in Charles County, MD. I teach grades PreK-5. I’m very exciting to learn more about coding and new methods of integration technology into my instruction.



Namaste from Nepal!
My name is Ramchandra Lamichhane. I am a computer science teacher in St. Mary’s School, Gorkha, Nepal since 2008. I am teaching computer science from grade 1 to grade 7. I love teaching computer science to my students. I am very thankful to code.org for wonderful videos which help me to make my computer science class awesome. My children are very happy to see code.org team and supporters.
I am very happy to enroll code.org online course.
Thank you for everything.



I’m Mohsin a resident of Whitchurch-Stouffville in Ontario, Canada.

Let’s get the important things taken care of first: I love chocolates and my fav ice cream flavor is “butter pecan” and DQ’s pecan cluster blizzard.

I’m slowly phasing out of the fast paced world of software and IT Consulting after being in it for over my entire working life. To keep me active and occupied, I thought of taking up teaching computing (STEM) to the new generation.

Little did I know that it’s harder said the done. I have spoken at large conferences and delivered highly technical seminars and presentations but teaching kids, now that’s a challenge.

Earlier today (yes literally) my 7yr young grand daughter told me about code dot org, and a few hours later, here I am, registered and ready to learn how to teach wow. I guess learning never ends from cradle to grave, and just may be one of the kids may teach me something along the way…just as my GD did.

So, I look forward to any help I can get to learn how to become a “teacher”.

In the mean time, I can’t just give up computing, so in my spare time I took up IOT (Internet of things) and learning Home Automation as well as putting together electronic components to talk to each other and record all kinds of data and display them on websites etc, so python programming, Raspberry Pi, Sense-Hat, all kinds of sensors, MQTT, etc.

For those moments when I want to relax and just be myself, I have taken up nature and travel photography. I love macro photography as it brings to me a realization that there is a far bigger world right under our feet/noses if only we’d care to stop, kneel down and look.

For those interested here are the links to some of my photos.

Thank you and the journey begins.


Hi, I am Kenan AKARSLAN. I live and work in Adana, Turkey. I am an Instructor of English at a state university here. I teach prep year teenager and adult learners. I am happy to join such an elite community as I believe in improving oneself incessantly and share what you learn and produce with the new generation. I have a website: www.kenanakarslan.com. Here I share everything I create about teaching and all other stuff. I am also teaching as a volunteer parent at my eight-year-old son’s class. They are crazy about my coding classes.
My facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/akarslankenan
My twitter account: @kenanakarslan



My name is Karen Canfield. I am a teacher in Campbell County Schools. I am currently working to help my district incorporate the new Computer Science standards of learning. As most of you probably know, algorithms and programming is one strand of the new SOL standards. Because I have little to no experience with coding, I plan to dive into code.org to learn and understand as much as I can! (BTW, my favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate peanut butter!)


Hi I am Vic from Penang Malaysia, I am a Manager in Supply Chain industry. I learned programming thru youtube and able to built application for simple businesses locally here. Now I am keen to teach programming to kids and share my knowledge with code.org to as many kids locally here that don’t have much access to learning programming. I hope my initiative will reap good result in these kids. Thanks.


My name is Erin and I am the K-5 STEM Integrator for a small-ish school district in New Hampshire.
We primarily have been using Project Lead the Way but I’m always on the prowl for new STEM materials.
I’m on Twitter at:


Hi! My name is Sebas De Lara. I teach in a Primary School in La Solana (Spain). I’m introducing coding in my school and I’m very happy with my pupils’ progress, since in Spain coding is not spread out in Primary education. I teach coding and other subjects to 10-12 year-old pupils. I’m a Primary teacher and also a computer engineer.

I’m interested in this community because I know that I can learn a lot from your experience!

By the way, my favourite icecream flavor is vanilla with pecan nuts :wink:

My school website: http://ceip-federicoromero.centros.castillalamancha.es/
Twitter: @sebasdelara

Gracias!! thanks!!


It’s so nice to meet you all! I’m trying to follow each of you.

If you would like me to follow your progress through tweets and don’t see me as a follower yet, please tweet to me at @KIKIvsIT and I’ll look you up!



Hello, I’m Margaret and I live and work in Spain.

I teach Year 8 through 11 in a Spanish/British International School. I taught ICT and Computing in the UK for several years before moving to Spain. When code.org was recommended via one of my FB groups I found the game like approach very appealing. So far, my students are devouring the process and I want to make sure I make the most of their enthusiasm. In the past I’ve taught programming skills with Scratch, App Inventor, and VB.net. Using code.org seems like a better way. I’m taking this self paced course to learn how to become more expert with delivering the Express Course to my students. I’m using this course as the scheme of work for our MYP Design and ICT classes. I’m looking forward to improving my skills.


HI Everyone,

My name is Tamra Elfarout and I currently work at McLoughlin Middle School in Pasco Wa. I currently teach 7th grade Science and I also teach Keyboarding and office 365 in my 1st period class. I live In Richland Wa. I am wanting to get my certificate in Computer science. I currently hold a Masters in Teaching K-8 and also in Instructional Technology in Education K-12.