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Hello Everyone,
My name is Lisa, I teach in Kennewick, WA. I currently teacher 6-7th grade computer exploratory and 8th grade Computer Apps (Microsoft Office Certification Class).



My name is Chris Becker. I currently teach 4th grade general ed. in Kennewick, WA. I run an after-school LEGO Robotics program for fifth graders. I’m very interested to adding more computer science to my general ed. curriculum.


Hi All,
My name is Brad. I currently teach language arts electives (speech, debate, and Yearbook) at a high school in Fort Smith, Arkansas to sophomores through seniors. I have taught a tech class at a junior high in the area recently, which is how I stumbled on Code.org and introduced students to coding.
I am here for some professional development hours, to learn more about teaching my PreK children coding as they get older, and to work toward my dream job of being a technology facilitator in my district.


Hello all!

My name is Leonard Ventura, and I am currently teaching 8th Grade Science on Guam. I have been on a self-driven journey to learn how to code (mostly front-end stuff for personal reasons) for the past year. As I progressed through some Udemy courses,

I realized just how valuable and powerful coding is. I really want my students to be competitive in the global market and if I can inspire some future coders, I think I can move on from this profession happy.


Hello Coders!

I’m Pam Schultz a 3rd grade teacher in Campbell, California. I’ve been involved with technology since the early days of one computer in a classroom and a one room computer lab shared by all. The common thread each year, is the excitement to learn new things, especially if it involves technology. I’ve been involved with “Hour of Code” since the beginning, and our kids love now working on their own pace advancing to new levels learning new coding skills. Favorite Ice cream flavor: Anything with chocolate! You can find me on Twitter: @pamaschultz


Hi my name is Sonia Bilal. I have been teaching for 11 years and have spent a good chunk of it teaching year 5. I am currently working in an IB school using the PYP curriculum.
I am living and working in Melbourne, Australia.
I am interested in this community as coding has always been an interest to me and i feel the kids need these amazing skills in their lives!
Favourite Ice cream… pistachio gelato!!!


Hello! My name is Jesus Sanchez. I’m an elementary teacher, I’m from Spain, I thought for four years there. Now I’m teaching in Tyler, Texas. I’ve always have been interested in coding but this year I want to really learn about it.


I’m Amy, a 9-12 teacher-librarian from Westerville, Ohio on my lunch break:slight_smile: I’m interested in starting a coding club after school and wanted to do more to teach myself concepts of coding. I’ve scrabbled together knowledge bits and pieces, but have gaps, so thought taking a course starting from the ground up would be a good approach. Nice to read everyone’s intros and see how many self-motivated educators are out there!


Hi! My name is Maureen and I’ve been teaching for 10+ years and using the resources at code.org for as long as I can remember! I work in Palm Springs, CA and teach at a private K-8 school where we do coding units each year. I decided to explore the training modules offered through code.org and that led me here to this forum. I am interested in completing the formal training and documenting my learning. Thank you for supporting me on this journey!!


Hi! My name is Rachel DiMaria and I am taking a graduate Coding course locally, to which this course is a part. It has been a great learning experience so far! I live in the Chapin, SC area and work as a school librarian in the area. I teach K-4 and I am interested in being part of this community in order to teach beginning coding in our school


Hello, I am Stacy Robinson and I am from Cache, Oklahoma where the wind really does come sweeping down plains! I am a 2nd grade teacher with absolutley no experience in computer science. I have taught for 28 years and have set a goal to learn and teach coding before I retire. I am excited to begin this new learning process and can’t wait to share with my students.
I have two young daughters that are learning coding so it is vital that I keep up with them! A few of my favorite things, besides my family, are OU basketball, baking, camping and my two golden retrievers-Charley and Sam.
I am on
twitter @stacylynn0624
facebook - Stacy Brown Robinson


Hello, My name is Christiane Brossi, and I live and teach in San Francisco, California. I teach Computer Science at a K-5 public school. I have been teaching coding to my students using your curriculum, and my students love it! I teach it starting in first grade. My fifth-grade students keep me on my toes with challenges and complex questions. I have used Scratch with them, but my students are not ready yet to work with a less structured setting, and I appreciate code.org for your structures and patterns. My favorite ice cream flavor is a coconut milk dark chocolate from a local creamery called Birite.


Hello, my name is Clarence Davis. I work in the public schools of Dallas, Texas in the district’s Central Office. My department is leading a Computer Science for Elementary School (CS4ES) initiative and code.org is a welcomed and supportive partner. I am excited to learn programming in the “object-oriented” age. The code.org workshop in which I was a participant illuminated the great and achievable possibilities for enriching elementary education through computational thinking and coding. I appreciate the opportunity to support the teachers and students of my district and the service area of our regional partner as a code.org Computer Science Fundamentals facilitator. I look forward to the mutual support of this PLC. Regarding ice cream flavors, well, I will weigh in with lemon custard.


My Name is Joel Manohar I am from Trinidad. Just started the course.


Lauren Lewis
I teach kindergarten in Southern Maryland
I want my students to be computer literate at an early age so they can grow with the technology they will have for the rest of their lives.


Hi, I’m Christine! I’m from NC and work as an instructional assistant. I desire to renew and polish my CS skills so that I may in turn help students learn the CS skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century job market. My favorite ice cream is Rocky Road…


My name is Mary Froats and I have been teaching high school math for 25 years. I have recently completed a STEM program through NYIT. Our district has decided to incorporate CS and ESTEAM throughout all of the schools. I am intrigued with Code.org and decided to learn for myself so I can help our teachers with the coding. Our district is in Westchester County, NY about 1 north of NYC. I am excited to learn as much as I can. My favorite ice-cream is Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough!!!

 Hi!  My name is August Gardner and I teach 5th grade in Waldorf, MD, about 55 minutes outside of Washington, DC.  I am a general education teacher (math, reading, writing, and social studies).  
  I am interested in coding because I want to be able to teach my students how to be tech savvy.  I took a BASIC coding class in high school and truly enjoyed seeing my program come to life!


Hi everybody. My name is Gus Echeverry and I’m a CS teacher for grade 2nd to 11th in a private school in Cali. I’m here to learn from your experiences and to share some of mine.


Hi all! I am Gede, I am a computer teacher in primary level.

I work in Bali, Indonesia. It has been 5 years now. For the next school year, I am going to teach computer science for the first time in my school, I hope joining this forum will improve my professional skills!

As I work in a tropical country, there are so many things that I can do here! We have great beaches, huge waterfall, and white sands!

You can reach me on Instagram and twitter: @gbnugraha