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Hi Sonia, so far you are the only one I see who join the forum outside US, do you have any information about doing professional development in Asia or Australia regarding to this? Thanks


My name is Josh Wiltfong and I am currently a technology integration specialist for the Waynesville R-VI school district in Waynesville, MO.

I have been teaching in the realms of technology since 2012 and have had the opportunity to teach at a school district where the technology was well below average to now where we have a plethora amount of technology resources. I loved code.org at my last school district as money was an issue and this was a very easy and free resource to give a coding introduction to students K-8. With having a little bit of experience using code.org I have introduced this website to my students starting in kindergarten.

I look forward to professionally developing myself even more with using this resource and sharing with my colleagues.

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I my name is Amanda Alter and I work in Marietta, GA at East Side Elementary. I work as a computer lab manager/instructor with all grades Kindergarten through 5th Grade. I am interested in the this community to add to my personal/professional learning network. I have been involved in the Hour of Code since its beginning. I love the code.org/learn website and I use it all year round. I sure hope that it continues to be accessible and free all year round without logins. That makes it so easy for my younger students.

My lessons cover all ranges from teaching youngest students how to use a mouse to teaching my older students how to code with Scratch. I am using the coding courses in Code.org with some of my primary grades.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amanda-alter-5a5658147/
School Website: East Side Computer Lab Website
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I love your meme, I have it on my desk for students to see, when I need to get them quiet without saying a word.


Hello, my name is Cole. I’m certified to teach elementary and middle school, however, I find that I enjoy 4-8 the most. When I was young, my father gave me a computer and a college textbook and told me to teach myself how to code. He just didn’t want to take me outside to play. Therapy session aside, computer science isn’t a strong suit for me and I welcome the opportunity to change that.


Hello, I am Mary Jacqueline Oranye and I teach Introduction to Technology to 5th and 6th grades, and 7th grade Careers at Dickinson Intermediate Fine Arts Academy in South Bend, IN. This is my third year teaching technology and I’m looking for ways to incorporate different ideas into the standards that I use, yet one that my students would find meaningful and relevant. Many of them already use technology in one form or the other but they have not yet experienced it in ways that they can see new opportunities or possibilities to make a difference for themselves. I hope that this learning community will assist me in helping my students unlock the advantages that technology offers.
School website: dickinson.sb.school
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My name is Melynn Readmond. I live and work in Waldorf MD. I teach 5th grade and hope to use this course to extend our Science and STEAM learning within my school. I also sponsor our FIRST LEGO League team and hope to use this course to help them program their robots.

My favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road. I’m also a huge fan of baseball and my boyfriend as well. :slight_smile:


Hello my name is Cecelia M Burtley and currently I am a physical education teacher for k-8th grades with a background/and specialization in early childhood education. I am from Detroit, Michigan and work for a public charter academy. Before obtaining my Master of Science in Education with a specialization in ECE, I taught 3rd, 4th, 5th, and middle school science and one semester of high school 9th and 11th grade science. I taught elementary, middle, and high school prior to obtaining a MS in education. During my undergrad studies, my first choice was nursing but it changed to becoming an educator. i worked for a publishing company while teaching hands-on to students and served as a 31A science facilitator. I embraced sharing and learning science with teachers. I am invested in doing the same with learning computer science fundamentals for (k-5) students.


Heya, Name’s Russell and I work at a small international school in Japan. I teach grades 5 and 6 and with recent developments have also become the coding teaching for all years. Yay.

I hope this community can help me grasp the concept of coding and successful implementation in the class room, from grades 1-6 as I think I’ll have my work cut out for me.

I’m known for being a tech guy, so am used to dealing with hardware, but not so used to dealing with software.

Incidentally, my favourite icecream flavour is vanilla. But not vanilla vanilla, like, nice vanilla!


Olá a todos

Meu nome é Genezio de Lavor Oliveira. sou professor de matemática da rede pública de ensino Atualmente moro em Itapipoca Ceará Brasil. Também sou apaixonado por tecnologias educacionais.
estou muito feliz em participar desta comunidade incrível que compartilha idéias, dicas e sugestões sobre como implementar o Code Studio em sala de aula.

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Hello, my name is Michelle Cooper and I am a library media specialist. http://michellejcooper.weebly.com/


Hello :slight_smile:
My name is Torri Egan. I teach at Heritage School in Provo, UT. I teach grades 6-12 and special education. I was recently hired to teach computer science. I am excited to learn more and gain a firm foundation.


Hi, My name is MaryRose Joseph. I teach science at Horace Greeley HS in Chappaqua, NY. This is nearing the end of the 20th year of teaching for me. want to learn more about coding and STEM based work, eventually moving into administration. This will help increase m knowledge.


Hi All, my name is Annie Pisano. I am currently still a student working on my pathway to becoming a teacher. I am from Riverside, Ca and am attending CSUB. I am becoming a part of this community partially for classwork but also to get some insight to the new ideas that are available for teachers. I have no experience with CS but am very excited to learn all that it has to offer. And my favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road.



My name is Barbara Silver
I live in Woodland, CA and I work at a small charter school in Knights Landing called Science and Technology Academy at Knights Landing. I am the technology coordinator for the school so I push into all classrooms from TK-6 during the week. I first learned of code.org when I hosted a Family Code Night at our school and have been using this website ever since. The kids love it! I’d like to be part of this community so I can offer the kids all that this site has to offer.


My name is Sonya Smith. I teach 4th grade at Collegiate School in Richmond, VA. I have recently completed the Code.org Teaching Computer Science Fundamentals, and I LOVE how easy Code.org makes it for teachers to teach coding. I also love all the unplugged activities, such as using songs to explain coding terms like “functions” etc. I am interested in learning from other homeroom teachers who teach all subjects so that I can gather ideas about how best to incorporate coding into my curriculum.
I’m also applying for some technology integrator positions, so if I get one of those positions, then I’ll have even more opportunities to introduce coding to students and colleagues.
My favorite ice cream is Moosetracks! I look forward to connecting with other teachers/integrators using coding in the classroom.



My name is Scott and I am a middle school design teacher in Shanghai, China. I want to upgrade my computer skills and incorporate more into my lessons.
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My name is Mina Nadir William

I work as a Project Manager
I have B.sc of Computer Science
And MBA on specialization of Project Management

But early days when I had graduated I worked as teaching assistant and then lecturer to teach Computer science and Information technology sources for 9 years in a college

I based in Sudan , Khartoum

My reason to take this course to refine and enrich my teaching experience of Computer Science sources with crescent and powerful tools and methods

Thanks to you


Hello, everybody! My name is Michelle Rigsby, and I’m a library media specialist at Theodore High School in Theodore, Alabama, close to Mobile. Although my background is in English, I’m interested in learning more about computer science and coding in order to create some kick butt Makerpace areas in our library.

My partner librarian and I are looking to transform our library completely. We want to update it and bring it into the 21st century where it belongs! Sure, we house computer labs and iPads, but we really want to be the hub of the school! I’m excited to take this course, learn about coding and computer science, and apply what I’ve learned in our library.


Hi there,

My name is Arthur Bava and i’m from Brazil. I’m actually work as music teacher of very young children. I also love computers and programming.

I’ve found this incredible site while i was studying C# and Python and i fell in love with it.

I register as a teacher, cause i think that I may help people to learn programming, specially kids, doing something i also love. But i don’t have any previous experience in teaching computer sciences, only music. So i’m hopeful that here is the right place to start!

I have a very little experience in coding, although i’m studying programming languages during​ my spare time, and have already published a game on Google Play called NailGoal (in general it is a finger soccer game), i’m a begginer.

Well, i think is it. Sry for my english, and i’m more than happy to help and to join this community.
See you around…


Myra Camino
Buffalo, Wyoming
K-12 Kaycee, Wyoming beginning next year
I am starting a new adventure and want computer science to be a part of that adventure!
Hello to all!