Welcome! Please introduce yourself



Hi Everyone

This is Nurgul and I am a teacher at a language course in Istanbul, Turkey. I have students from almost all ages, starting 4 age up to 18.

I really want to learn and teach how to code and believe that this area will be of best in learning.

By the way, am married for 8 years but have no children yet.

Want to enjoy learning now:)


Hello, everyone!

My name is Bjørn Egil Møen-Kundseth, and I am a teacher at Nore Neset ungdomsskule in Os, Norway.
I teach students from age 13 to 16.

My primary subjects are maths and natural science.
I look forward to learning s much about programming as possible this year, becaus I hav been given the task of teaching Programming as an elective subject. And I hope that being part of the Code.org community will give me the tools i need to be a great teacher in Programming


Hi, my name is Sherry Isbell. I am a retired math teacher that is now working part time with a program called Upward Bound Math & Science. I will be working with high school students helping them to prepare for future STEM careers. I taught computer science about 20 years ago (BASIC and Pascal). Our theme for this year is “Are You Up To Code?” ie computer programming. I thought it would help my students to be exposed to some programming so I am going to try Code.org! I hope to excite my students about programming and maybe learn a few things along the way!


Olá! Meu nome é Marcos Ravel, sou professor de Educação Digital e Tecnologias em uma escola de Ensino Fundamental no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Estou muito motivado em ensinar novas tecnologias e programação para as crianças a partir das primeiras séries até a última série do Ensino Fundamental.


Hi! I’m Ilena Marron and I am a 4th grade teacher at a private Jewish day school in Minneapolis, MN. We have electives that we are offering to our lower school and I decided to offer coding. It starts on Friday and I will have a mixed age group from 1st-5th graders so here I am.


Good morning,

My name is Angela and I am a teacher librarian at a high school in Fontana, CA. I learned about Code.org at the CUE Conference last school year and now I excited to get it started at my school. I have zero experience in coding. My fave ice cream is chocolate chip. Yum!



Good day to all;
Im Christopher, a public teacher from Cebu City teaching Grade 8 Mathematics and Grade 12 Accountancy, Business and Management for 4 years and counting. Well being a teacher takes a lot of patience as we are dealing with diversity of learners.
I have no regrets and im happy right now as compared before where i worked as private employee in business industry for 13 years…This is a challenge…


My name is Lorena Ruiz. I was born and raised in Mexico City, but life and it’s turns brought me to Dallas, TX.
I teach 4th grade Reading in a very low socioeconomic area.

My interest in being part of this community is to be able to teach my students what the future needs for them to learn.


Hello! My name is Debi and I teach Computer Applications/Programming to students in Grades 7 & 8. I have been involved with code.org for many years ---- first by implementing their curriculum into my math classes and later as the advisor to our school’s Hour of Code celebration. We are now using the CS Discoveries curriculum in our middle school program.

I love dogs, pistachio ice cream and the Philadelphia Eagles and am looking forward to learning as much as I can this year.


Hello! Matt Stockinger, teaching a 1-trimester coding course to high school students in St. Cloud, MN. I’m utilizing the CS Fundamentals Express curriculum as part of my course, and I’m interested in sharing ideas for other high school teachers who might want to implement the curriculum in an even more condensed format, as I have.

Our class web site is https://eaglescoding.com. Great samples of student code.org art there! Check it out.

Here’s a pic from my visit to the Atlanta Aquarium during TeacherCon 2018.


Hi there! My name is Melody Williams. I live in Hyde County which is located on the east coast of NC. I have been a teacher at Mattamuskeet Early College High School for the past 30 years. I teach grades 6-12. It is time that I learn something new to teach my students. They are interested in learning how to CODE-so here I am!!


Hello my name is Maalik and I am learning how to teach computer science for the first time.
I am currently a grad student at Brooklyn College with a major in Business Administration and a focus in business intelligence and data analysis. I also work at Ikea full time currently.

I have been volunteering at Rosedale Queens Library helping students from kindergarten to 7th grade go through hour of code on code.org. My interest in being a part of this community is to help me learn how to teach computer science and to take in any suggestions and ideas that we share amongst each other.


Hi, my name is Pool. I live in Bangkok, Thailand. I am not a teacher. I used to work as a programmer 10 year ago.
I am trying to recap my old programing skill lately because I would like to teach Thai kids how to do coding.
Then I found this site may be the right place to begin with this journey.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Hello! My name is Lesley Hazen and I live in Western New York in beautiful Chautauqua County! I have been a retired ELA teacher for four years, but have been recruited to come back to the parochial school I taught in for several years to be .5 ELA 6-8 and .5 CS PreK-8. Yikes! I know.

There was no curriculum left behind from the former CS teacher, so I’ve been evaluating programs for my younger learners and have decided on code.org. I’ve used the Cup Stacking lesson in the middle school grades and they really loved it. The middle school grades will doing a CS Club using Scratch, but I find code.org easier to teach from with the detailed lesson plans.

My favorite ice cream is Hershey’s Moose Tracks


hello everyone im Qusai from Egypt , studying computer science and i love teaching computer science for kids so im here and i`m looking forward knowing Technics and skills to teach kids,
i hope that u could help me to achieve my goal


Hi everyone,
My name is Anna and I’m an Australian primary school teacher currently living in Bristol, UK.
I am currently supply (relief/ substitute) teaching across all primary years. I have seen coding used in a few classrooms and I’m interested to learn more, so here I am :slight_smile:


Hallo There,
Mine name is Erwin and mine interest in the program Code.org is to teach code at middle school. I used to word as a system engineer for more then 18 years and the last 4 years I decide that I want to become a teacher in ICT. I went to a course to become a teacher which take me about 2.5 years at a local University. Now I’m teaching for about 1.5 year at school information science and using some old programs. Mine aim is to change the lesson in Information Technology but have to maintain for the meanwhile the National Education learning plan. I have been participating in Hour of code for 4 years already in the community and at the school where I did mine Internship.
I decide to take the courses so I can explain at a children level the importance of coding and how to do it.


Hi there! I’m Katherine…re-entering the field of education honing up on skills I missed during my original teacher training an ice age ago. Just moved back to the US and hope to be in a 2-5th grade classroom in the near future. The teacher-student in me is excited to learn something new for myself and to be able to assist in student learning too. I love me a scoop of chocolate mint on a waffle cone!


My name is Michelle Flanders. I live and work in Auburn, Washington. This year I am the CS Instruction Specialist teaching k - 5.
I have taught CODE in my 3rd grade class for the last 3 year. My kids LOVED it.

I have attended 2 Code workshops and completed the on-line class.

I am excited to be part of this community to learn from fellow coders.


My name is Esther Pusey. I live in PA - Delaware County and work in a neighboring town. I teach 7th and 8th grade science. I like to share ideas and get support if I’m struggling with a concept. When I was learning how to implement PLTW we had a PLC online as well and it was useful!

I’ve used coding with RobotC and VEX robotics; but I want to introduce my kids at a new school to coding. We don’t have VEX so I’m starting with square one with fundamentals to build up knowledge and logic.