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My Name is Heather Faaborg
I am a Special Education Teacher in Fort Worth ISD, Fort Worth Tx.
I am interested in the Code.org community because I want to start a coding club at my school.
I have experience with Code.org as a causual user, doing a few hours of code activities.

My Weebly

My fav ice cream is actually sorbet, as I am lactose intolerant :frowning:


Kristie Hillenmeyer
Franklin, TN
To help my district learn and grow in CS.
I have previous taught using code. org and I always celebrate and participate in the Hour of Code!


My name is Kimberly Thomason. I teach 7th and 8th-grade computer classes at Clinton Middle School in Clinton, MO. I would like to start teaching coding in my Computer Literacy class. My only coding experience is from college using the Pascal programming language. I guess this dates me. :confused:

My favorite ice cream flavor is Butter Pecan.


My name is Edmonia Everett and I teach K-12 in a school without walls. I live in Texas and I want to learn more Code.org so I can share with coworkers.


Hi my name is Chaunte and I teach in the Los Angeles Unified School District. I teach 5th grade and am very interested in code.org curriculum because computer science is quickly becoming a basic neccesity in the academic setting.


My name is Desiree Wallace
I work at NorthSide Elementary in Tifton GA
I teach k-5 in the computer lab
This is something new to me and my Principal is wanting me to start this at my school.
my email is dewallace@tiftschools.com
I have been married for 30 years

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I’m a mother of 2 wonderful and gorgeous ladies and 1 smart and handsome Nephew-son
I have 2 amazing grandchildren that I can’t enough of
my favorite icecream is Neapotion because you can get a little of all three.
I am not a big bloger I don’t check my facebook every day I set it up just to talk to my kids and family sorry


Hello. Paul here. The new director of Technology and Innovation for the Richland, WA school district.


Hello everyone. My name es Luis Prado, teaching information technologies in high school, from Tijuana - Mexico. Thank you for time.


My name is Julie Williams. I teach 3-5 technology at Gateway Elementary in Conneaut, OH. My classes have participated in Hour of Code. since the beginning. I have since roped my partners in crime at the middle school and primary school to participate also. It has been a great resource and tool for my students to learn block coding. My favorite flavor of ice cream is cookies and cream.


My name is Amy Klaffke, I am a K-6 Technology teacher at Alden Elementary in Alden, Iowa. We are a small rural school of 132 K-6 graders in our building and our 7-12 graders go to Iowa Falls - Alden schools in Iowa Falls, Iowa.

I am interested in being apart of this community as our school is changing our technology focus to computer science programming that the state is wanting all school to focus more on in the technology classrooms for K-12. I am planning on using the Code.org materials and this will help me to understanding and prepare for using it my classroom.