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Hello I’m Richard from the Philippines, Nabunturan, Compostela Valley to be exact.
I teach Literature for a bunch of Grade Eleven students who specialized in Computer Programming.
I signed up for the course so that I could help myself understand the Computer Programming and how I can marry the two subject literature and computer programming.


Hello! My name is Gail Gallaher, and I am a first-year high school teacher at a small charter high school in San Francisco. My main subject is Biology, but my school is so small that I also teach an elective class. I chose to teach Drama this fall, but that ended up being a difficult class to take on as a first-year teacher still improving my classroom management, student relationships, and planning skills. I’m exploring the possibility of switching the elective to a CS/coding class for the spring. There might be a lot of advantages to that, but I’m trying to go in with eyes open so that I don’t naively take on a subject that turns out to be more challenging than I thought. (“The grass is greener on the other side” mindset.) So, that’s what I’m curious about here - what might be the most challenging parts of teaching this curriculum? Especially as 1) a first-year teacher 2) of 9th graders who are still learning how to be responsible students 3) in an urban school. What difficulties would I encounter that I might not be thinking about yet? What do you wish you knew when you started teaching CS? And, on the other side, what are reasons why I should take the plunge and try it? Thank you so much to anyone who replies or can point me in the direction of someone who can help!


Hello everyone.

I am Bruce1803 and I am live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I teach at an Independent school in Sandton, Johannesburg. I am a Grade 7 English and Religious Studies teacher who has always had a great interest in the use of ed tech in the classroom. As of January, I will be taking on a new role in my school, Head of Integrated Computer Integration. One of my functions is to get my colleagues to make greater use of ed tech in their classrooms so as to make their lessons more engaging and more effective. I will also be teaching Computer Science for the first time. I am looking forward to this and the platform that I will be using is, obviously, Code.org.

  • Clayton Page | F-6 STEM Learning Coordinator | Mark Oliphant College B-12 | Munno Para, South Australia

  • Looking for resources to help lead STEM teaching and learning, and this looks perfect for Digital Technologies in the Australian Curriculum.

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Hi Kayla,

Just saying hi and welcome, as like you I’m also diving into code.org to help me teach other teachers next year.

Your ice cream preference intrigues me! Is pumpkin soft serve popular in your neck of the woods?

Greetings from Australia! :australia:


Hello Clayton!
Welcome as well! Pumpkin soft serve ice cream is more popular on the east coast of the U.S. but you can find it here on the West as well. It’s mostly popular during our fall season (September-October). :slight_smile:

Are you teaching teachers STEM? Is Digital Technologies in most Australian curriculum?

Have a wonderful day!


Hello everyone. My name is Madeline. I work in North Carolina. I teach middle schoolers, grades 6 through 8. I have a degree in Computer Science (dated 1988) and would love to learn more about programming and get my students interested in it as well. I participate in the Hour of Code for the last 3 years. It is so exciting seeing their brains work; also seeing their frustration and then the ability of overcome. It’s just amazings.



My name is Jennifer Lilly and I teach in a rural area in northeast NC. I work with students with special needs, currently at the high school level. I know this course is for lower grade levels, but that suits my needs just fine. I am interested in this course to learn as well as earn my digital learning competency CEU’s.


Good Day to All. I’m Wayne Dailey a 35 year veteran of Graphic Design and since the mid 90’s
I have engaged HTML via work experience in the Los Angeles market. As a front end designer.

Today I begin a new direction in my life by sharing with students coding and graphic design skills. Which is why I am here and joined this community forum wherein I look forward to reviewing different experience and learning the best practices to share what I know as a professional with young students from ages12 to 18 year olds.

Extremely excited to learn how the teaching professionals do what you all do.


Hi, everyone. My name is Dee and I am the k-5 technology integration specialist/teacher at a small private school in West Tennessee. We are an Apple 1:1 school. Our elementary students have iPads and grades 6-12 have MacBooks. I am interested in getting our kids coding but have limited experience myself. I am thinking that code.org may be a way for all of us to learn together.


Hello! my name is Karla. I am the Director of the Mabelentombi Resource Centre where we teach English & Math as an after school programme to primary school children in rural South Africa.

We have been gifted 10 kindle fire which we used last year to compliment our work with the students using educational apps.

This year we would like to incorporate the Code.org curriculum into our studies!


Hi Bruce1803

I have just started with Code.org! And I am in the rural Eastern Cape! Good luck and let’s stay in touch


I’m Rachael and I teach science, art and now technology at a private school in Southern Ontario.

Just this past summer I was asked to teach the technology for grades 1-8 at my school. I said yes thinking about how much fun it would be but now I am trying to learn how to code so that I know something when I’m teaching.

I’m interested in being part of this community to learn more about coding and what works for other teachers so that I can do it too.


انا رشدي احمد من المملكة العربية السعودية
معلم للمرحلة الابتدائية مهتما بعلوم الحاسب والبرمجة واسعى لتطوير نفسي وتعليم طلابي وخدمة مجتمعي لمواكبة التطور الرقمي والتقني


Hey all,

My name is Elia Yaremchuk and I’m fresh in the coding world, but it seems really interesting and I’m looking forward to learning how I can bring this to some interested students and hopefully go further and begin teaching Computer Science in the classroom. I live in Taiwan and teach elementary students.
You can find me on FB, just search my name.


Hello All!

I am a library technology teacher for a pre-k-1st school in Hamilton, Montana. I have been teaching the little ones a little bit of coding the last couple of years. Last year I created what I thought was a very successful coding unit using a combination of offline and online coding activities. I decided to complete this course to learn any additional tips and tricks for teaching coding and computational thinking (which I am still figuring out). My family and I love ice cream! We spend the summer traveling to swim meets and only go to the meets that have ice cream parlors. If you are ever in Plains, Montana make sure to visit Ripples. They serve awesome ice cream.



My name is Georgina. I live and work in New Zealand

I teach at the tertiary level but have recently foundede a computing club for kids. This is to help my children and others become digitally-capable so they have the opportunity to participate fully in the advancing digital technology world.

I am delighted about Code.org’s Professional Learning opportunity for educators. The course is easy to understand and the video components make learning fun. I am interested in being part of this community to learn effective ways to teach I just completed Course A. I enjoyed every bit of it and found it engaging. I was able to carry on with the course even while in the kitchen cooking because I could listen to the video sessions while working. Great course! It’s just awesome!


Hello my name is Eduardus Kresna Purnama i live in Indonesia, i am not teach any grade coz i not have teaching degree so formally i cant become teacher at school. I am interested become part of this community coz i want learn Computer Science and i believe this community can help me in this part.
My email : eduarduskresna@gmail.com
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Hi forum,

My name is Kirstin and I’m living and working in Ottawa, ON, Canada. I teach adults at a local College, and I’ve always wanted to learn about coding. I’m here, with a friend and colleague, to complete the Teaching Computer Science course.

You can find me online at twitter (@kirstinbrie), at instagram, and on GoodReads.

My last coding experience was in early elementary school when we learned basic coding on unibody macs. It wasn’t a fun or successful experience, and I’d like to change this! My favourite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.


My name is Serdar Mutlu. I’m a technology teacher in international schools for more than a decade. Currently, I live in Saudi Arabia with my wife and two sons. For a long time, I’ve been a fan of Code.org and now completing online course.
You can follow me on Twitter at @ilearn_ishare