Welcome! Please introduce yourself

My name is Michelle Wilson and I am a 3rd grade teacher at Woodfield Elementary in Damascus, Maryland. I am interested in being a part of this community to learning more about coding as I will be expected to each it this school year.

My name is Lynn Ricke. I am currently teaching first grade in Rockville, MD. This will be my first training ever! I am not even sure how to use Twitter so this is a very new expreience. MCPS has given us the task to teach coding this year in the classroom. At this time we are not sure how much time we will be allotted yet, but I am looking forward to stretching myself and learning along with the kids! They will probably be teaching me more than I even realize!

Hello, my name is Angie Skellchock and I am a teacher with MCPS in Montgomery County Maryland. I teach for two .5 positions in MCPS, one of which is working with elementary aged students. Several times a year we provide STEM/STEAM nights for the students in the title I schools that we provide services to. Coding was one of the areas that we focused on last year and it was the first time that I had really ever participated in coding. I saw this course on our Professional Development and thought it would be a great opportunity for me to learn more. Looking forward to seeing what this course has to offer.

Hi! @jeffrey.s.trachtenbe welcome to the CS Fundamentals teacher community! Make sure to connect with our Regional Partner in Maryland, Maryland Codes (https://www.marylandcodes.org/) if you are interested in attending an in-person workshop.

Welcome @angela_n_skellchock ! welcome to the CS Fundamentals teacher community! Make sure to connect with our Regional Partner in Maryland, Maryland Codes (https://www.marylandcodes.org/) if you are interested in attending an in-person workshop.

Good afternoon all,

My name is Yona Andrew Rose. I am a fifth grade teacher at New Hope-Solebury Upper Elementary School in New Hope, PA. I teach a little bit of everything. I’ve allowed my kids to play inside of Code.com and other CS type sites. I see where the world is going and where many of my kids will find their future careers and social events in the computer world. I love a good Moose Tracks when it’s time to eat ice cream!

Hi everyone! I’m a library media specialist in Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. I plan on teaching the code.org curriculum with Kindergarten and 1st grade students this year.

Welcome Lillian! We love librarians!

Hi, I am a Librarian in Prince William County Public Schools in Virginia. I am interested in learning how to teach coding to elementary school students because it is part of my curriculum. I have done some very basic activities on the code.org website, but definitely need to learn more before teaching others. I am looking forward to learning something new

Hello! My name is Jennifer Bloom and I am an elementary school principal in New Hope-Solebury School District. This is about 50 minutes north of Philadelphia, PA. Our school is beginning a CS program in the fall and I am looking to learn so I can help lead! Thanks for welcoming me!

Mt name is Ed Dohler and I am a second grade teacher in Silver Spring, MD. I am excited to teach coding to my students this year!

Greetings all, My name is Maja Andersen, I live in Phoenix AZ. I am not a teacher! I am a retired engineer and currently a Girl Scout co-leader with a small troop of Daisies and Brownies. (K-3rd grade), I have 2 grand kids, one is a Brownie, and the other a Cub scout. I am leading the Robotics badges for the girls, which includes an intro to programming. I am also doing a summer school for the grand kids to limit the summer learning loss. I appreciate that the courses are laid out with a good description of expectations. I am not sure what the journal and faces are for though. I am not on twitter but I am on Facebook.

Hello! My name is Emy Griffith. I live in the Seattle area and work a little bit north in Edmonds School district. I currently teach social and emotional skills to our K-6 students. I am interested in being a part of this community to deepen my understanding of the activities and expectations of our students as they work through the code.org curriculum.

Excited to get started! I’m on twitter @emygriffith

My name is Rebecca Kangabe, I am an IT professional currently working at a University.

I live in Kampala, Uganda. I have a five year old son and I recently decided to teach him how to program and thought why not teach others while I am at it.

I am not a teacher by profession though I do teach communications technologies at the University and my background is computer science.

I am excited to have found code.org as I hope it will teach me how to communicate and teach young people.

I am very lazy with checking my social media

say hello at:
skype: bexbex82
Facebook-Rebecca Kangabe

Hi my name is Laura Sutter and I am currently a 3rd grade teacher transitioning into being a media specialist next year. I live and teach in Rockville, MD outside of Washington DC.

I think this will be a great way to build my background in this topic and to have a community to share ideas and resources and suggestions on implementing code.org at my school.

Hi My Name is Debbie. I am a second grade teacher in Maryland. I am just looking to get out of my comfort zone.

Hello! My name is Abby Taylor and I live in Seattle and teach in the Edmonds School District. I teach High School Math (Algebra 1 and Geometry) and I’m interested in learning more about how I can bring code.org into my classroom.

Hi @wolfsecho! The journal is for students to document what they learned. We find that journaling really helps students think about their learning process. The faces are a way younger learners can quickly show how they are feeling as they progress through lessons.

Welcome @griffithe737. We are in the Puget Sound as well! You can follow me on Twitter @megahoch

Welcome @cnkahungu! You don’t sound lazy at all!