Welcome! Please introduce yourself

My name is Omosuwa Richard Abiodun
i live in Nigeria and i work at Newhall International School Lekki
i teach Information communication and technology from year 1-6
i love to be part of coding

Hi! I’m Christina and I teach 4th grade in Waynesville, MO. I just finished my 13th year of teaching and next year I will be co-teaching AND was just asked to be the sponsor for a brand new Coding club at our building. You can find me on twitter @MyKidsTooCW

Hi Christina-

I’m so glad you reached out to me! I’m in my 17th year of teaching and have been and classroom teacher and now am a Library Media Specialist. I have also done a Coding Club and also teach coding during the school day. I have worked for code.org for two years, now. I would love to help you in any way I can! Right now I have two workshops you might be interested in. I have one scheduled in Columbia on July 30th and one in Hannibal on July 9th. Let me know if you would be interested in attending either of those to get you a jump start! Both are totally free!! You can also follow me on Twitter at @k12lbrylv and email me any time with questions! Just let me know😁!

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Hi my name is Colleen Porter, I live in Lake Forest Park, Washington. I have taught K-8 Special Education for over 15 years. I took a break to raise my triplets. I am currently a substitute teacher. I would like to understand the basics of coding. I am on LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter.

I’m Karen. I teach K-5 technology in southern Maine. I’ve used code.org for the past 5 years as a unit of study with my grade 2-5 students. I look forward to adding my K-1 students this fall.

Hi! I’m Angie. I teach Kindergarten near Harrisburg, PA. I am very passionate about literacy- specifically phonological awareness. This summer I am working to expand my knowledge base to benefit my students.

Hello my name is Andy Garcia
I teach K-6th I am the Advanced Academics Specialist at my school. I teach at Bellaire in Hurst,TX 76054

I am real excited to learn more about coding and a
Start an after school club for my students.

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Hi, my I am Josh Ipson. I teach 2nd Grade in Delta Utah. There is a big push in the district I work in to integrate coding into our classrooms. I am interested to see this take shape in my own classroom and am excited to get things rolling. I am open to any thoughts or suggestions on how to best teach coding in a 2nd Grade classroom in an efficient and effective way.