Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Welcome Gina! Love that you are giving yourself time and space to engage in CS! Engaged teachers, such as yourself, are a core tenant of our approach. You might be interested in signing up for an in-person workshop as well: https://code.org/professional-development-workshops

Hello there,
My name is Sandra Alfaro and I’m a teacher in southern California. I’ve taught an introduction to Coding, hoping the students would catch on by themselves. I am hoping this course will give me a better handle on teaching it.

Welcome Sandra! You are in the right place! You can also check for in-person workshops at https://code.org/professional-development-workshops

In the meantime, please use this forum as a place to ask questions. We are firm believers in the power of engaged teachers like yourself!



My name is Jennifer Miranda. I live in Los Angeles, California and teach Kindergarten in Eagle Rock. I am interested in learning more about CS at the kindergarten level. I’ve tried to introduce my students to coding but I know CS is much more than just coding.

I love coffee and Haagen Daz Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream! :yum:



Good Afternoon,

My name is Cindy Lugo and I’m from the north of Mexico (Nuevo Laredo). I currently work as a Technology Lab teacher in a private school. I have taught all grades 1st -6th. I have a degree on mathematics and I ended up teaching CS because of my abilities with technology.

I am here because I need to learn about programming to give my students all the tools that they need to be successful in life.

Last year, we discovered Code.org and It was the most amazing thing ever, so we want to continue using the site and I want to be more prepared for the next school year.

Hello Sandra, nice to meet you.
My name is Nicola, I’ve just started the course and I am new to teaching coding to kids.
Have you completed the online course?
Did you find it useful?
Do you have other coding skills?
Just out of curiosity :wink:
Thank you.

Name: Brenda Noe
Live and work in Palmer, AK
Teach high school math and science
Many of my students need to learn to code. So, I hope this curriculum will help me give them that opportunity.
Though I seldom use twitter (have had no need to to-date) you can contact me at @b_noe001.
I am totally new to coding. So I’m a little trepidatious of this whole endeavor.

Hello all! My name is Suzy and I live in Northern Virginia.

I’ll be heading back into the classroom (after one year off due to relocation) and will be teaching either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade. I am here to renew my Virginia Teaching License - I need all the PD I can get and know that coding is major in our area, so I thought this course would be an ideal fit!

You can reach me on Instagram at @littlemrs.m

I’ve never done anything with coding before, other than some paper/pencil type activities with my last second grade class.

My favorite ice-cream flavor is mint chip, but to be honest, I don’t discriminate! :slight_smile: New%20Logo

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Welcome Suzy!

I also love mint chip ice cream!

Sounds like you are new to Virginia and I hope that you are enjoying it there. You might want to also connect with CodeVA, our Regional Partner in Virginia. They offer in-person PD on Code.org.

Hi! My name is Stephany Elsworth, and I’m a teacher in Winnemucca, Nevada. I’ve taught elementary in Arizona and Virginia and am currently teaching middle school art in Nevada. I’ve signed up because I’m interested in learning coding.

Hello everyone!

My name is Zita :grinning:, I live in Ireland :shamrock:, I am currently a volunteer qualified tutor passionate about teaching CS and Coding to all age groups. And I can prove my passion!!! I have organised seven HoC events (first time in 2014) and delivered them in a primary school, library, CoderDojo. It all started long ago when I had a brilliant teacher in secondary school. He made coding cool even when you used old fashioned programmes like Pascal and Cobol (all fogotten now!).

I have recently been named an EU Code Week Leading Teacher for Ireland and I am very proud to be in good company. I cannot believe it never occurred to me that I could register as a teacher here! Today is the first time I watched a TED talk by both Hadi and Ali!!! And I was very happy to see that in those they mentioned what I really love to say - how we all learned about electricity in school but are not electricians.

Because I do not have a degree and am not a qualified teacher (I also come from a war torn area, but I did not have a cool dad who brought a computer home!) I often fall into the trap of doubting my abilities. Then I have to remind myself of all the positive outcomes. I have been teaching kids since 2014 and the feedback was brilliant. So far it seems I am positive and inspirational in the lives of those I taught. Probably also due to the fact that the people I taught were always there to learn, truly motivated and never forced to attend. I am really hoping to get a job teaching digital skills and coding! Until then I keep volunteering.

Thank you for opening this to people like myself, delighted to be here!!!

Hi Anna

I really hope to find you on Twitter!

If you see this, please know THERE ARE resources FREE in Ireland. Both are now babies (all children are children, even adopted - see below *) of Raspberry Pi organisation. These are free clubs run by volunteers where kids can learn to code. Code Club is for primary school. Coderdojo cathches them young and only once they are 18 and then they turn into mentors!!!

Anyway, hope to connect, warm greetings from another blow-in!!!


My name is Irina Kosheleva
I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine
I teach all the ages :wink:
I’ve known about Code.org for a long time but never knew it had such awesome resources!
Now digging into the online course and teacher’s materials
You rock! :metal:

You can find me on twitter

And my fav ice cream is chocolate :ice_cream:

Welcome Irina!

You rock! :wink:

Chocolate ice cream is delicious!



My name is John Van Voorhis, and I work at a private elementary school in southeast Washington DC. I started in the pre-K classroom and am now doing mostly admin work. In a previous life I was the IT director for a policy research center in Chicago.

I have just stated trying to teach a tech class this spring, and was late to finding Code.org. Looking forward to learning more about how the curriculum works. The hour code projects were a big hit, so I am looking forward to the rest of the courses.
The only real flavor of ice cream is french vanilla!

Hi Guys,

I am so happy to be a part of this.
My name is Anisha Bhansali
I am from India
I teach in preschool
I am a computer engineer and believe practicing programming everyday will change the world forever…

Thank you

  • Your name- Jaclyn Beilfuss
  • Where you live/work- Prescott Valley, AZ. Liberty Traditional Elementary School
  • What grade you teach - 5th and 6th Computer Coding for an Enrichment class, but 5th grade ELA in the morning.
  • Why you’re interested in being part of this community- I see the value of coding in education. I have a masters degree in Integrating Technology and Learning into the Classroom.

Hello! My name is Mark Pokorny. I am a special education teacher in Omaha NE. I teach students who are in post high school transition programs and I am very interested in computer science as a hobby for my students. I truly believe computer science can be a great field of work for individuals on the autism spectrum and am interested in learning more.

My name is Jon Harnish and I work at Kahului Elementary 3-5. I am interested in learning about the best way to teach computer science standards especially as a special and not a home room teacher.

Me chamo Camile, moro em São Paulo- Brasil. Trabalho em um colégio particular como coordenadora de tecnologia educacional. Meu interesse é aprender mais sobre esses temas para poder compartilhar o aprendizado e ideias com os professores e alunos da escola onde eu trabalho.

Twitter: @camilealba
site: www.educateam.com.br