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This is Zukadomis from Pittsburgh, PA. I am finishing my teaching cert and this is a course requirement. I currently am a student services assistant in the Pittsburgh Public School District.


My name is Rebekah Flora and I live in Henry County, VA and work in Franklin County, VA. I am currently an instructional coach after spending 12 amazing years teaching 5th grade. I got involved in this online course to help further my understanding of computer science and coding to prepare for the computer science standards that will be taught K-5 beginning next year. I have a lot to learn, but I am so excited to do so!


Hi Rebekah! Welcome. You are definitely in the right place. You also might want to connect to our Regional Partner, CodeVA, to see if they have some local PD coming up. https://code.org/professional-development-workshops

  • Hugo Leiva
  • San jose Costa Rica
  • Im a Parent /CS engineer
  • Why you’re interested in being part of this community : We would like to implement the program in our Country.


Hi all, my name is Edwin and I live in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I am a IT Business Consultant and IT Project manager. In my spare time I helpout a foundation in Curaçao as a Web consulant / web master. We try to help kids in the most poorest neigborhoods of Curacao to develop their skills and try to give them a fair change. During my stay at the island the founder of CFF (Child First Foundation) asked me if I would be willing to teach the kids computer science. I used to teach adults in house training form ITIL to Windos server etc… But teaching kids was new to me. I went online and found CS. Now I am busy to assemble a training course for these kids with the help of Code.org. just love blockley and bought a dash and dot to help me during the classes to visualise the goals and make the kids have fun wile doing so.

What is there more to tell: Age 57, In IT from the age of 18, I’m married, Karin my wife live on Curacao, I live in Alphen aan de Rijn (small town near Rotterdam) and I live there with Huggle (My german sheppard and Laila my cat.

My hobby’s : Diving, Motorcycling, share knowledge, cooking (Chinese chezuan, indonesian, Italian, Arabic, Old fashon dutch meals)

Favorite ice cream flavor : Chocolate

What am I doing here at CS: Hope to learn from you all how to teach the next generatin to have fun with CS.


Hi! My name is Amy. I live and teach in Pittsburgh PA. Right now, I am the assistant teacher in a classroom of first through third graders. I’m interested in Code.org because currently I do not have very much knowledge about teaching computer science, but I am very curious to learn! In addition, I am completing graduate course work that has a focus on computer science and interdisciplinary models and this website was offered up as an excellent resource.


Hi Amy! Welcome!

Make sure to check out if there are in-person workshops in your area: https://code.org/professional-development-workshops

If there are not any coming up, or at convenient times, you can reach out the Regional Partner in PA to get one set up.

Happy learning,



Hello my name is Adrienne,
I was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, I am currently a graduate student at Carlow University studying Early Childhood Education I will graduate this summer! I am currently a preschool teacher and also sub within local school districts K-12. I have been a educator for 20 years and counting and I do not wish to be left in the stone age when it comes to technology. I want to always stay aware of ways to help my students flourish with technology incorporated.

Fun Facts:

I love glitter I’m always very sparkly I am married and we have two children. My oldest is my daughter she is 22 and works with children with autism and my son is 18 and he attends college at Slippery Rock and pursuing a degree in Sports Management.

I love cookies and cream ice cream, I am also a crafter and enjoy decorating, traveling, and spending time with my family and friends! Picture of my preschoolers in action working with circuit blocks.




My name is Steph and I am currently a STEAM Teacher in York, PA. I am interested in learning more about Code.org curriculum to find new and unique ways to incorporate STEAM into our curriculum here at our school. I work with students from 3rd grade - 9th grade.


Welcome Steph! Glad you are here to learn! You might want to also check out our middle school curriculum, CS Discoveries. Applications are now ope for professional learning: https://code.org/educate/professional-learning/middle-high


Hello Everyone,
My name is Pilar. I live and work in Mexico, City, I am a technology teacher from 1st to 7th grade in a catholic, private school.
I studied Computer Science. During 10 years I used to develope programs, and during the last 12 years I´ve been teacher in elementary and high school.

I´m interested in teach coding to my students because I think that coding in “must-skill” for present and future generations. I also would like ti share my experiences with other teachers and learn what are they doing to help their students.


Hello Everyone. Paul Watson here – currently teaching 5th Coding and 7th/8th Digital Media in Omaha NE. I say currently because in 49 days I will be officially retired from classroom teaching after 39+ yrs.

I plan to be living in the Tampa Area in the next 4-6 months. Enjoying retirement but also still spreading Code.org to all.


Hello! I am Juliet Rosso and I live in Blacksburg VA. I have been the library media specialist at a small elementary school for nine years and while I have always incorporated code.org into certain lessons, we as a county are now dedicated (and required) to teaching computer science in grades K-5. I love this format for teaching both students and teachers.