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Hola a todos!
Soy Tania Arias de Temuco, Araucanía, Chile, estoy explorando y participando de este curso muy animada por aprender sobre ciencias computacionales y así poder colaborar en compartir este aprendizaje con más y más usuarios en mi lugar.
Soy Ingeniero en prevención de riesgos y docente de enseñanza superior técnico profesional y me interesa mucho avanzar y aprender.

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Esta es mi primera incursión en CS Code.org.
En la escala de gatitos soy un 3! y mi helado favorito es Chocolate, por su puesto!

Hello, my name is Kirra Seliga and I am a teacher at Lake Seneca Elementary school in Germantown, Maryland. I have been a classroom teacher for about 12 years and have had the pleasure in teaching 1st, 4th, 5th grade and now 3rd grade. In addition this past spring I graduated from Hood College with my masters degree as a Reading Specialist. Our county (Montgomery) is moving more into coding with this coming mandatory in each of the schools. While my school is not there et, I decide to get a jump start on it. In addition I have to boy that love being on the computer and know the information I learn here will be great to also share with them.

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  • Minnetonka, MN
  • 4th grade teacher
  • I teach code.org to my 4th graders

Hi - My name is Ellie and I am both the English Lower Elementary teacher and library media specialist at American International Montessori school in Berkeley, CA. I’m excited to bring coding to our school!

Hi! My name is Molly. I teach third grade in Maryland. I am teaching only reading and writing next year even though I really love science and math. I am hoping to somehow incorporate code.org into my teaching.

Hello - my name is Lisa and I work at a Friends school in Moorestown NJ. After 30+ years in the Prekindergarten, Kindergarten, and First Grade classrooms - this year I’m moving to the computer lab! I will be teaching K-6th Grade Computer Sciences. I discovered my love for technology when I attended my first ISTE conference in 2005. I was so excited to find the best ways to incorporate technology into the classroom without sitting my students in front of a computer playing readiness games. While getting my M.Ed in Teacher Leadership at Rowan University, half of my courses were in Technology Education. I’m very excited to for this school year to begin.

Hi all, my name is Asep. I teach at my children’s robotics club in an Indonesian School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’ve been looking for a good curriculum to implement when teaching coding to the kids. I visited a coding centre yesterday and find that they’re using code.org, been glued in front of my computer since the past 8 hours. I’ve seen other curriculum like Google CS First, Code Club and Coderdojo as well. At the moment I see code.org is better. I find that the curriculum here is very structured with gradual learning curve. I’m also planning on using the materials to teach other parents to teach their kids as it’s difficult to find affordable and qualified coding instructor here. Nice meeting you all.

My name is Taha Murshed, and i live and work in Sana’a, Yemen.I am a lecturer & trainer in accounting, business, and corporate governance.
I’m really excited to work with all of you out there who are in the trenches, ensuring our youth learn Computer Science against all odds!
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My name is Allison and I teach first grade in central Pennsylvania. I am interested in learning about coding. I really don’t know much and I would love to have my first grade students learning right along with me.

My name is Stephanie Campbell. I live in Mechanicsburg, PA, but I teach in New Cumberland, PA. This is my 7th year as a 5th grade teacher, but I had also previously taught 5 years in two different middle schools in the district. When I taught middle school, I taught math and remediation math courses. We are departmentalized in 5th grade my elementary building. I teach two sections of math, social studies to two classes, and then word study/writing/grammar. I am looking forward to learning about programming. One of my fellow 5th grade teachers did the Hour of Code the other year and the students really enjoyed it. I am hoping to implement that along with some other coding skills this year during my math classes.

Hi, My name is Cheri Mercurio, I am a Special Education teacher in MD.

Hi, My name is Darla Salerno. I teach first grade in Newark, New Jersey. I will implementing coding into my inclusion classroom this school year. I DO NOT have any previous coding experience, however, I am EXTREMELY excited about beginning this year. Great to meet everyone!!!

Hi my name is Shari Davies.
I teach Learning Support Math at Meadowdale Middle school, so I teach Special Education math to 7th and 8th graders with math skill gaps. I am looking to enhance my teaching toolbox with more hands on, tech related ideas and lessons as we are a 1:1 school.

I am always looking to improve my teaching.

I just moved to Meadowdale from another middle school in the district so I am getting used to new students, new staff, etc. so my website is out of date and I am needing to fix it up (hopefully through this PD I can do that too.)

I love the Seattle Sounders, and my favorite ice cream flavor has to be Oreo Ice

Oh and I just got on to Twitter…@ShariDa55822607

Hi Cheri,
What grades do you teach?


I teach 1st-3rd grade students with emotional disabilities.

Hello All:

My name is Darrion Stigger and I am an Elementary School’s Computer Science Optional Teacher for grade 1-5. I will be introducing the Code.org platform to my 3rd-5th Grade Optional Students just to get the feel and hang of it before introducing it next year to my 1st - 5th graders.

I live in Memphis, Tennessee at Brownsville Road Optional School. I am here to gain as much assistance and ideas as I possibly can due to the fact that this type of education is not widely used in my area for my position. My goal is to have the Computer Science teacher in ever Shelby County School, scsk12.org, to use this platform to broaden our students horizons as the workforce needs are changing to computer technologies.

Hi my name is Kasey and I work at Flower Hill Elementary School. I will be starting my second year of teaching this fall and I will be teaching 3rd grade. I am interested in being part of this community because I think it is important to get students motivated and excited about coding.

wow! That is awesome. Up until this year I usually taught one to two Social Emotional regulation classes to 7th and 8th grades, which believe it or not I have found very similar to K-1st grade.

Hi! I’m Sue Stone. I currently teach 2nd grade at Ogden International Elementary School in downtown Chicago. We are a full IB school from K-12. I’m looking for ways to engage my students more fully as well as prepare them to be meaningful contributors to our global society.