Welcome to CS Discoveries: Introduce yourself

Hello, I’m Ivelisse Sabater. I teach high school students. I plan to teach the webpage design unit, and the project process that includes defining, planning, trying, and reflecting. I’m most excited about the games design. It will be my first time teaching, so I’m not completely sure yet of what I should be teaching, any ideas or recommendations?

Introduce yourself to the CS Discoveries teacher community!

Hi My name is Mia D.
I currently teach grades 9-12
I am not currently teaching CS but I am working towards the endorsement to teach CS.
I am most excited about coding and teaching coding.

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Hello, my name is Rebecca B. I teach 6th grade Intro To Computer Science. I plan to teach Lessons 1-13. I’m most excited about teaching my students how to create their own web page.

I teach technology education in Cranston Rhode Island. This semester i taking a class that is utilizing CS Discoveries at URI. I am using this course to be able to make better use of code.org and all its resources.

I am a practicum student and I am currently in CS Discoveries at URI. I hope to teach either middle school or high school students. I hope to use the lessons on this website to better teach CS in a class to students.

My name is Robert Shields. I currently teach Eighth Grade ELA intervention. I am a CS teacher, but have enjoyed my time working through the units of study in the game and app lab. These areas seem to be most appealing for middle school students and could create a great deal of enjoyment and collaboration.

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Hello fellow educators! I am an educator who is currently working in China and I am excited about introducing CS Discoveries to MS learners next year (be it an after-school activity or elective, or really in any other capacity). I am looking forward to learning from and with each and one of you.

My name is Dani and I am still a student who is interested in becoming a teacher. This year I will be teaching a practicum during a virtual hour of code to grades 3-5 and teaching a Hello World: animals lesson. I am excited in general about teaching coding since it will be my first time ever teaching a lesson.

Ms. Shavon Glover. I teacher high school (grades 9-12). I plan to teach Web Development. I am most excited about learning alongside my students as some of them have prior CS knowledge.

Nice to meet you! Web Development is one of my favorites with students. Since you’re teaching upper grades, you might also find w3schools.com to be helpful. I know I did! :slight_smile:

Hello, my name is Laura Travis. Currently, I teach 4th and 5th grades. I am looking forward to learning more about CS Discoveries, as I am more familiar with Fundamentals.